Rio for robots (take two)

Rio for robots (take two)

Today we did more on the robotic Olympics. We have now all chosen what country we are all competing for. Zara, Grace, Vallen and myself, have chosen Canada. And we have all made little athletes for the opining ceremony.

I needed to make some adjustments to the EV3 chariot.

Before I describe the EV3 chariot I need to label the bricks we used. Just for better understanding.

This part of the brickm we are going to call a spot. I know there are goig to be lodes of lego experets saying “come on Takoda, its not called a spot its called a _______ (enter the real name here)” but we are gust going to call it a spot.

So the EV3 chariot has

2 poles that conet to the EV3

1 black brick that are 1 spot wide and ? spot long

1 black brick 1 wide long and ? spot long but it is about 4 spots bigger than the first black brick

2 red bricks 1 spot wide and as long as the second black brick connected to the 2 black bricks

The 2 red bricks hase a pole pushed throug the whloes in them and wheels connected

2 more red bricks (same length and with) connected to the other red bricks with one pole bettewn the pole gose throgh the middel of a wheel

Did I descibe corectly? You be the judge.

Here is a picture of the cariot. just pretend that those coluful bricks on top are not there. As I said at start I made some agjutments.

Thank you for reading my blog post.