Minnie architect


Recently we have been playing with building blocks. Well we had strict instrutions on how to play with them. here they areĀ  Capturewell we werent really gust playing with biding blocks. We where degsing new houses by buiding models with cubick bricks that conect. These are only 2 of the biuldings we made. brick1this is a a building that we I made. It uses 3 blocks of land, 2 roofs and 13 external walls. There are faces visibel one a side veiw, 3 on a birds eye view and 2 on a front view and all together there are 18 faces.

This biulding uses 2 blocks of land, 2 roofs and 10 external walls. From a side veiw it has 4 fbrick2aces. from the right side veiw you can see 3 faces and on the left side veiw you can see 3 faces.

So they are the biulding see you latter.