The excursion to Melbourne


On Friday we went on an excursion to the Lego education centre in Melbourne. We did three activity’s all of them using thisLego . Lego. As you probably would have guessed in the name “Lego education centre.”

The three activity’s, what we learned from them and where we can take that learning

  1. Activity 1: Go carts. We made go carts (with instructions) and tested how far they went with different adjustments such as: bigger wheels, extra wait and bigger wheels and extra wait. Then we made the ramp that we launched the cars from higher. I think we learned that Lego can be used in more than just playing. It can be used in bench tests like how we used it as a mini car. I think we can take our learning from this into latter on in life or just this year we might need to do an experiment on something and you need to do a bench test and you could use Lego.
  2. Activity 2: robots. The task was to move a robot (with wheels on a mat with planet pictures on it) around and we had a series of problems that we had to solve with our robots gut I am just going to talk about one. The first one, (the one I am talking about) was to make your robots move a satellite made out of Lego to a certain place then make the robot return to where it started. I think doing this was help full because soon we will be working with the same robots at school so we got a bit an of head start.
  3. Activity 3: the Lego chair-o-plane. We made chair-o-plane using cogs and we used different cogs and seeing witch combinations of cogs makes the chair-o-plane spin faster. We learned about cogs and about how the size and combination has a big influence on the outcome but I don’t know where I can take the learning apart from if you’re an engineer.

So that’s our excursion to the Lego education centre in Melbourne. See you in the next blog post. bey.