Scratch 9


We all went around to see each other’s games. I saw some really awesome games.

Top 3 games in my opinion and why I like them

  1. Audrey’s milkshake game. I think this was the best because it was different and lots of people liked it.
  2. Verity’s new and improved (and quite hard to play) version of pong where 2 players play. Player 1 must try to prevent the ball from touching player 1’s side but if the ball hits player 2’s side then player 1 gets a point and vice versa for player 2.
  3. Zoe’s game The Original pong, but it’s good to copy. Copying is the first step and then you can transform and then create something new.copy-combine-transform Seeing everyone else’s games was really good to get some ideas. I will tell you what people thought of mine, but first I will tell you how I have improved since yesterday’s blog post.

(New and improved) List of what I can do with my game:

  1. Make the plane turn left
  2. Make the plane turn right
  3. Make the plane go forwards
  4. Add to the score when plane bumps into a coin

(New and improved) List of what I can’t do with my game

  1. Make the plane crash when it bumps into a cloud
  2. Change seen\background at right time

List of feedback from people who played my game

  1. Try making it crash when it bumps into a cloud
  2. Maybe make other, harder levels

So that’s my progress, feedback and what I liked about others games.

So stay tuned because my next blog post is going to bebig because it is going to be about our excursion to Melbourne to see Lego robotics. It will be really fun. So see you tomorrow.grace