Micro-bit by Shayleigh

Micro-bit is a coding sort of game, where you attach a plug to your computer that is connected to the micro-bit. when you put a code into the computer it transfers and pictures of what code you put in like a heart.


with one of my coding activity, I used button A and button B  with button A I made respond by playing a melody and showing a string with amazingness. then with button B, I commanded it to play another melody and then show a pattern then it will play the same melody except backwards. there is also another button called A+B which is when you press both buttons it will do a new command such as play a melody and then repeat it backwards once.


micro-bit has really challenged me by using the codes and how all the different codes work and what you have to do to make it work. the codes I find the hardest are the ones when you have to actually move the micro bit sometimes I might accidentally put the micro-bit down but I was supposed to put it up that is the kind of stuff I get confused with.

makey makey

this term 5B has been doing makey makey but it isn’t that easy there re so many cords!!

what do we do in makey makey?

In makey makey we connect cords to our computer that goes into the makey makey machine and does all this programing that when you touch a cord coming out of it, it just automatically connects to the computer and will do what you tell it to do from the cords. With the cds, I would recommend doing them in color code so you know which one does what

last makey makey session we did a piano after connecting all the cords i was finally able to play mary had a little lamb. it took a loy of frial and erra at some points it did not want to connect and then it crazy and kept on doing its own thing but in the end i got it working with a little help from chloe!

pacman this sesion was very chaleging sometimes the cords did not listen and pacman would go wild in the end i just gave up with pm( pacman) because he kept on dying but he did get alot of food somehow i think he wanted to die:)??

insparation scratch project

my scratch project was really difficult because i had to make heaps of words come together all at different times and so it was at the right time.

i found it easy to do the backdrops with the colours and the names i got from my friends. it was a lot of fun to do the characters and design there classroom.

Build-a-Band, Shayleigh

‘Build-a-Band is really fun. Maybe  you  wouldn’t call mine a master piece but it  still sounds pretty cool.

It took a lot of effort because you had to try and create a sound using 4 instruments in my band. I used drums, saxaphone, microphone and guitar. Each musical instrument needed it’s own program. I had to decide how long each instrument was going to play and it needed to sound like a band.

I added the background to look like a town and all the musicians were in the front. Maybe next time I could put the sprites (characters) in different places.

Scratch All About Me, Shayleigh

The All About Me project is lot of fun.

You get to design what what character looks like and what they say.

You can also add things about you like what your favourite number is or your favourite food. If I click on the birthday cake it will tell me when my birthday is and how old I am.

You can type what the person or thing is saying.(about you)

Maybe next time I could add my voice to the image or maybe put a video clip on.

about me

Hi i am Shayleigh,

I live on a farm and have a lot of animals i have five of my own horses Benson,maxi,Tappy, Winnie and Angus. Angus is a little bit naughty. I ride four of them and i compete for the school on 2 of them. My Nan make the best lemonade in the world like seriously she does.

This year is my ninth year at TGC  this school is pretty cool.                                                           My  mum rode horses when she was little and she is now a secondary English teacher.

my dad didn’t have anything to do with horses when he grew up but he has always liked golf and he now works at a turf company that makes sure the grass stays nice and healthy.      (MAXI)


These are my de-bug it codes.



Scratch has really challenged my mind  and the coding is probably the most complicated part for me.


de-bug it

The de-ug it involves coding and solving the proplems you are given to solve. I found it extremely challenging. As i am not very good at scratch:)



Designing  a project is probably the most in portent thing you have to plan of what you want your sprite to do and say.