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Minecraft Tessellations

In class we wore asked to find a shape that tessellated. Tessellating is when the shape never over laps each other when they are joined together. Below is a picture of my tessellation in Minecraft.  

Checkpoint: #update

Checkpoint: #update What have you achieved so far? I have archieved a few things through out this passion project talking and explaining and also still being able to have the things to talk photos for the power point.     … Continue Reading →

Green Screen

In our 11 eleventh rotation the hole of year six come to gather and we learnt about Green Screen. below  is a video of about what I have learnt about the Green screen.

Adobe Premiere

For our ninth rotation the hole of year six come to gather to learn about Adobe Premiere. Below is a video about what I learnt about in Adobe Premiere.

Shotgun Mics

In our ninth rotation we learnt about Shotgun Mics. Below is a video about what I learnt about Shotgun Mics.

Royalty Free Music

In our seventh rotation we learnt about royalty free music. below is a video on what I learnt.  

wireless microphones

In our 8th rotation we learnt about wireless microphones. Below is a video about my learning in wireless microphones.  

Zoom cameras

In the fifth  task in film school was learning about zoom cameras.one tip they don’t zoom. Below is a Video about my learning during the zoom cameras lesson.  

Audio Booths

on Tuesday the 11/2/2020 6B had their 4th rotation. The topic of the 4th rotation was audio booths and we learnt about the main rules of audio booths.        

shortlists and story boards

in this video I will be talking about shortlists & story boards. Below is a video of what I learnt about shortlists & story boards.  

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