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Passion Project Term 3

What do you intend to create? What I intend to create is a 1:200 scale  model airport. What technologies are you planning to use / learn about? The things I will be using in this passion project is, Posca pens,… Continue Reading →

Yr 6 Science : what is Matter

In Year 6 Science we looked at, What Is Matter. what I learnt about matter is that matter can be found every where. Everything that takes up space is matter. Did you know that there are five different types of… Continue Reading →

Minecraft Tessellations

In class we wore asked to find a shape that tessellated. Tessellating is when the shape never over laps each other when they are joined together. Below is a picture of my tessellation in Minecraft.  

Checkpoint: #update

Checkpoint: #update What have you achieved so far? I have archieved a few things through out this passion project talking and explaining and also still being able to have the things to talk photos for the power point.     … Continue Reading →

Green Screen

In our 11 eleventh rotation the hole of year six come to gather and we learnt about Green Screen. below  is a video of about what I have learnt about the Green screen.

Adobe Premiere

For our ninth rotation the hole of year six come to gather to learn about Adobe Premiere. Below is a video about what I learnt about in Adobe Premiere.

Shotgun Mics

In our ninth rotation we learnt about Shotgun Mics. Below is a video about what I learnt about Shotgun Mics.

Royalty Free Music

In our seventh rotation we learnt about royalty free music. below is a video on what I learnt.  

wireless microphones

In our 8th rotation we learnt about wireless microphones. Below is a video about my learning in wireless microphones.  

Zoom cameras

In the fifth  task in film school was learning about zoom cameras.one tip they don’t zoom. Below is a Video about my learning during the zoom cameras lesson.  

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