micro bit

Micro Bit is a little square electronic thing that you code it on you computer and then download it to the micro bit. When you do something to it like push button B it will do what you coded it to do. i did a tutorial for rock paper scissor. Rock paper scissors is a game that you play with your hands with other people. But with micro bit version you are versing the Micro Bit. It work by you shaking the Micro Bit and it will wait three seconds and then it will show either rock paper or scissors and at the same time you will choose to and you can pick either rock paper or scissors. You win by defeating them and how you know you have defeated is that rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock, so that’s how you know how you defeated them.

here is a picture of my coding.

makey makey

For our new  design project we are doing Makey Makey. Makey Makey is a clever electronic machine that when you program the Makey Makey mother board it will do something for you on your laptop or you could  make something and program it to do something.

How does it work?

For Makey Makey to work you need to plug a cord into your computer and you plug a alligator clip into the earth and you need water or static to activate the earth. My first challenge was the space challenge.The space challenge is where you connect a wire to the space alligator clip attachment, to start the space challenge we needed to read some information  about electricity and so Mrs Matters asked us can you use your space button to write things that use electricity.

Our second activity is to play bongos with our Makey Makey. We needed to connect our space and left arrow to work.This is  a diagram  of my bongoes.

Our third activity was to play a piano on Makey Makey i made a piano out of tin foil on paper and i connected wires to it and it worked. this is a picture taken of my piano setup.  

rube goldberg machine

My Rube Goldberg machine was a lot of trial and error the error was, trying to line up all the bits, trying not to bump it and trying to make it. My Rube Goldberg machine starts with a marble run. At the end of the marble run it drops on to a table and then the marble rolls on the table and then drops on to a little wooden plank which sets of a car to go down a car ramp saving a leggo man trapped under a plastic cup. It took four or five tries to work.

build a band

I made a band. This week year 5 have been doing a project called ‘Build-A-Band. I used drums, bongos and speakers. The two sprites are the characters that spin in the air. I didn’t find it hard to program the sprites, it was easy. I tried lots of different sounds before I decided to only use the drums, bongos and speakers.