December 7


For the last two design days we have been doing drones.My partner was joe.For the first day we took lots of videos with the drones and then we made a short film out of the photos and videos we got. On the second day we did the drone dash program is were you code a drone to fly, (the drone is fake). It was a bit windy to fly the drones so we were inside for the whole second day. The best part of doing the drones was flying them because we got to chase the drones around. The hardest part is properly the drone dash coding.

I will put the video in now-

Credit to Lachie, Jack, Dash and Gully for driving the drone some of the time.

September 14

Face Mask Dispenser

This is my second Rube Goldberg Machine. This machine gives you a face mask I will go through the steps now .

  • First you have to roll a car down a track
  • Which then hits a pen
  • Then with the pen out of the way the car (with a face mask strapped on its back) can freely roll down a track and give you a Face mask

I will list the things a need to build this

  • 2x cars
  • A few hot wheels tracks
  • 1 uno card
  •  A face mask

I really Liked this machine because it was a bit more technical than dominoes just falling over.

To perfect this machine took 8 tries.

(Here is a video of my machine)


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September 9

Rube Goldberg

For My first Rube Goldberg  machine I did a door closing machine because when I am in bed I can’t be bothered to get out and close the door. It started by me putting a marble down a pipe Which hit some dominoes which then hit some books which go up some steps to close the door. Something I regret doing was using a lot of dominoes because everytime I tested it took ages to set back up so I recommend not using much dominoes. (This is a video of my machine)


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August 7

Micro Bit

For this half of the term we have been doing Micro Bit. We have been doing lots of projects like lots of people made a bit bot (robot) and programing it to move according to what buttons they pressed.


I did a bit bot as well but I also did lots of other stuff like a  step counter, compass, a tug of war game, a level and lots of other stuff I also tried a space invaders game game but that was a bit hard for me. The hardest thing I did was the bit bot because you had to use radio frequency and that is hard.

Micro Bit is fun and challenging but if you don’t like coding I don’t recommend it.

May 18


My word I picked was misguided because I don’t

use this word much. My word was created in 1650. Some synonyms of misguided are lost, misled, wrong, mistaken, foolish, false, confused, unwise, misplaced. This word means doing something wrong, a faulty judgement or showing someone how to do something the wrong way.

April 24

Makeymakey piano


That is the the link to watch the video of me playing the “coin piano”. I used coins  because were metal and metal contacts electricity so coins + Makeymakey = working Makeymakey piano. Some things that were hard was making sure that the alligator clips weren’t touching and making sure you didn’t have any in the wrong spot.



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April 17

makey makey

             This is a picture of my set up I used. I used a tomato and a banana. One thing I learnt is that the banana/tomato can’t be touching wood because it just spams. A list of items that use electricity is the TV, sandwich press, the speaker and the lights. I think electricity is something that runs/powers most modern things. For the Bongos I already got the idea from the banana so I just did the same thing but instead of a banana I used a tomato.


March 26


In refugee Ali escaped from Afghanistan because of the Taliban. He drove to Pakistan took a plane to Jataka, then he took a boat to Australia. He got picked up by the border force then he flew to Darwin for a meeting with the Australian government after that he was flown to Woomera and taken into detention. One of the main events in refugee is when the Taliban came to his house in Afghanistan to make him go to war but ended up killing his father. Another event was the boat trip to Australia that made Ali never want to see the water again. One quote he said that I think is important is ”I have no tears to cry with: I think the ones who died have gone where we are all going very soon” this quote was on page 24.

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March 5

Click the ghost


This is my code for my game called click the ghost. This project was supposed to be programmed to dance but I ended up getting carried away and making it a game.In this game you are supposed to click the ghost and you are not meant to click the bat. If you click the ghost you get one point and if you click the bat it takes one point away. The thing I like about the game is that how stressing it is and the thing I don’t like is that it is way to hard. If I could do it again the thing I  would make better is that it is easy. But overall I like it.