Adobe premiare (Editing)

under here are some screen recordings (witch by the way it was so hard to figure out how to insert in to my post, but oh well)

the one that is black if the first one where I said how to put in a video and music then also how to cut it.

then the second one that is brown is slightly shorter and I sow you how to make it go faster and slower.

and the next on that is blue i show you how to add text it is very short but good to know.

  screen rec edit 3-yzf067  screen rec 4-1ym40ul Screen rec 5-1s0bdtc

6 rules of Photography

I really liked this clinic because I learnt how to take a really nice photo with a lot of different technique.

I not only learnt how to take better photos but I learnt why we take them like this whether it was that your eyes would be drawn to the focus or it was a cool angle it was all really fun.