Passion Project

for my passion project i am going to be doing a mindfulness colouring in,  sometimes to calm down i do some colouring in i hope to create a detailed, colourful picture.

what i am going to be doing is filming me colouring in and then putting it in time-laps using Adobe Premiere.

I am look forward to creating a detailed picture. 

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr taught me to make sure i knew what was in my foods and where they were coming from because most of the time when they where getting grown the would be the seeds would have the DNA of some really weird stuff put into them like sometimes there is fish DNA put in to tomatoes now that’s weird and if your food is from far away (which a lot of the time it would) when it is being grown it gets sprayed with a chemical that makes it last longer.

he said sometimes the chemical can coarse cancer he also said that people say it is more expensive to buy it fresh from the farmer or organic and then he said “would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital” and i think that is a really powerful thing to say not only because it is so serious but because it is true.

he also taught me to make sure i know where my meats are coming from because like he said a lot of the time they don’t come from a happy little farm but they don’t a lot of the time the animals are force feed food full of chemicals that a lot of the time give them a liver failure and is obviously really bad for them.


Passion Project

For my passion project i am going to be doing a rollerblading montage because i love rollerblading and i do it almost every night, i am not just going to be doing a montage i am to be doing it about my progress on backwards rollerblading and braking whilst i am doing it, i think this is a good idea because i love to do it, i will learn new things, i can practice my editing skills. i am probably going to be filming on my iPhone and editing on my computer and on splice on my phone.

i think my video is targeted at anyone who likes or is interested in rollerblading or who just wants to learn how to skate backwards or to brake. i am looking forward to the editing because i really just want to explore how to edit, and i am looking forward the filming



I think I am going pretty well at the moment I have filmed all that I need to and I have done a little bit of editing and now I just need to add music and polish it off a bit.

at the moment I am focusing on finding music,  cutting out some parts I don’t need and getting the sound right

Final Reflection:

i think i achieved what i wanted to do because what i wanted to do was to make a Rollerblading montage and i think i did that, in my video i also put the additional clip of my chicken/roster ( 100% needed ) anyways to start with i found it challenging to find an easy (free) editing app but i kept looking and finally found a very useful app it was called Splice i used Splice to edit my video.

i love making films like this it was really fun to do, i chose this topic because i really enjoy rollerblading and i do it every night so i thought it would be fun to make a film about it.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

The main message from Thomas Suarez’s TED Talk i think was to put yourself out there and give things a go and that technology is a resource that educates kids and adults everywhere and that you should be grateful for it.

When Thomas Suarez talked he kept you engaged and wanting to keep listening to him because he would put some humour in it and so whilst you wanted to listen you were learning lots of stuff, which helped him get him message across.

to help him with his presentation he used a screen, a clicker, and his iPad. i think the one of the most impotent bits of equipment he used was a clicker so he could show pictures. but he also used humour witch i think is really impotent because like i said before it keeps you audience engaged so that really helps.

i think he spoke really well and had lots of eye contact which helps a lot and makes you presentation lots better, he also put lots of hummer in it which made want to keep watching.

Think Online

think is a poster that helps people think about what they do before the put it on social media or just commenting on something by making the think about whether it is true, helpful, inspiring, necessary or kind.


T.  is it true – Is it true? before you send something make shore it is true because if it i it will most likely be nice or kind which will make the other person motivated  but if you say something that is not true it will most likely make them sad or upset.

H. is it helpful- is it helpful? if you check if it is helpful before you sent it then there is a point to sending it and it is like constructive feedback that will help them improve what they are doing but if it is not helpful you probably shouldn’t sent it.

I. is it inspiring – it it inspiring? if what you are sending is not inspiring then it most likely is not nice or helpful so it will not make that person you are sending it to feel happy.

N. is it necessary – is it necessary? if it is not necessary then it would probly make someone annoyed or upset and make them feel bad it is not necessary so don’t annoy someone by sending it.

K. is it kind – is it kind? if what you are sending is not kind it will make someone feel sad, upset and if you do it more than once you are now cyber bullying


Adobe premiare (Editing)

under here are some screen recordings (witch by the way it was so hard to figure out how to insert in to my post, but oh well)

the one that is black if the first one where I said how to put in a video and music then also how to cut it.

then the second one that is brown is slightly shorter and I sow you how to make it go faster and slower.

and the next on that is blue i show you how to add text it is very short but good to know.

  screen rec edit 3-yzf067  screen rec 4-1ym40ul Screen rec 5-1s0bdtc