Mini Golf project

At the start of term the teachers gave us an optune of doing a mini golf project, Toy Story 5 and a house so Phenix, Tom, Alex and I. We dessided to do Mini Golf….

We turned Mini  golf                                                     Goal: To make a mechanical golf course.

This is our windmill kind of working it still needs a lot of work but we are still working on it.

this my group of tom phoenix and Alex our group made a golf course right now it is a plane course but we are working on the build.

phoenix tom Alex and I are working on the code as well as still building the project.

the code is not ready yet but we will be working on it. I think my group is really good because we work together and get the work done.

we have finished the start of the track now we are building the rest of track.

Here is our start code on the mini-golf project but we will keep on working on the code we will make it better as we go

Plan: the pipes that are on the design are to carry the ball to a score area for points

the triangles are obstacles to make the ball not make the whole way.

the start is where you hit the ball from at first.


Phoenix Tom Alex and I are going to bring materials from bunnings and other places and then we will put the materials together at school and make the mini-golf project

we decided to keep the start and I will build the obstacles track to help our group. And phoenix will build the end with the pipes and the 5 holes. Right now Alex is coding our 3 windmills. I have been building the start with tom. Phoenix has been building obstacles to go around the track.

At home, I built the whole course because it was so soon to beeing due

in the golf course there are 3 parts start middle end in the start the is 3 hills to try and roll the ball around

in the middle part there is a set of obstacles that are spray-painted green there are screws in the middle of each obstacle so that we can maneuver the course

at the end of the course there are 3 pipes and after them there are 5 holes

here are photos of the end project

the start

the middle


At the end of the project we achieved our goal of making target golf

we achieved our goal because we had made the 3 pipes and the 1 in the middle have a nail in it then we also achieved our goal by

I think Alex did a good job of building the windmills and Tom and Phoenix did a good coding the windmills.

Alex had made an adjustment to the windmill he had changed from leaning over to strait up and able to fit on the 1st pipe.

Lego EV3 robot project

     photos of snow pusher.

Harry and I we are making a snow pusher  but we have not attached the pusher yet Harry  and i we have attached the pusher but we still need to code it to move.

Harry and i finished the snow pusher so we started on a pickup car and it is going well.

So harry and i had broken the snow pusher and we started to build a crane.

Harry and i have finished the build know we need to work on the code i think the code will be a bit hard.


scratch debug it number 1,2,3,4,5