passion project 1

I think for my passion project I am going to do the beach, I love swimming in the beach and I know I already have videos and photos of the b [...]

The lost Princes

LUCY,                                                                    [...]

Term 2 reflection

This term has been good in ways but this term has been bad in some ways this term has also been challenging and defiantly a really big step [...]

passion project complete post due

My passion project is now done but just because it is done that doesn’t mean it is perfect there are lots of things that need to be fixed [...]

passion project feedback

I got feedback from my sister and she said she really liked some of the tricks I did but I did the same tricks the owl time and that it car [...]

passion project

This wee I have been trying to get all of my footage on one device witch was not working out well because the gopro kept going out of times [...]

Boy overboard

7/6/2017 Boy overbored/ Morris Gleitzman, This story is about a boy and his sister, they go on a big adventure and then  some how find then [...]

Win at the fair

This project maths lesion we talk about a game bored cold win at the far in this bored game you set up your game bored how you want it bu [...]

passion project #3

Today I started to film my passion project, I did it really quick because it was really dark and started to ran. in the video it was a bit g [...]


This week we played a game then we split into little groups and filmed are self do a punt or over hand throw but of course I did a punt beca [...]
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