Sphreo is a mobile ball with a motar witch turns it, you can code it in blocks like lego rorobotics or java script. our maze was two squares and it dose the first square maze then it hits a big jump and lands on the second maze then it dose the second maze the anoying thing was that the jump was random were it landed and sometimes it had to much power or sometimes it had to little power  we had a X that if it landed on it finshed the maze easy

1st maze                                                                                   2nd maze

drive mode

Drive mode is a simple way to control the sphreo to angle the robot there is a thing in the bottom left corner  when you click it a blue light pops up on the robot and then you face the blue light towards you  then youve angled it after doing that you have a drive thing you just point the blue ball the way you want your robot to go, then the leds its the couler of the sphero

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