2nd rube goldberg

so i axedently deleted my video so ill just discribe what its was

so it goed on a marble track that was cool and long then it hit a tape mesher and made a vibrashion that sended a skittle down the tape mesher on the stars and it goed in to my mouth

Rube golberg

so i made a rube golberg for my design project and i made it go from my back balcony to my back yard. so first i got a got wheel thing that lanches the car but i used a gold ball insted. so first it goes across the rail and then is goes down a carboard shoot falls of the balcony and hits a truck on a slide then the truck falls down the slide hitting a soccer ball and the soccer ball goes into a net

this took 40 goes so ):

Micro bit blog

the first week we had to do 7 challenges to get out bit bot when i got my bit bot we had to do code for it to turn left right and foward.

then after that Mr. mckie told us to do a project so Me Tom And Jo decided to make a thing that waters a plant automatically. the plant we chose was a type of mint i forgot the name of. the way the plant waterier works is it has a motar that turnes a straw. the straw picks up water and tipes it in to the soil


Word study

I am studding the word misbehave

This word was made in late 15c.

This word means behave badly or wrongly.

Synnonyms: misrule, actup.

i choose this word because i this it is interesting

Makey Makey Free Choice Project

Target Acquired

I am going to build a target range with a nerf gun. when u shoot the target it completes a circut, and scratch records the score and shows it on the screen. There will be different size target for differnt points

my Plan

  1. build the target board
  2. do the scratch code



purple circle orange square

For purple circle orange square i made a clicker game the purple circle is what you click and the upgrades are the orange circle. On the right you have your money per second. on the left you have your money per click.

Here is my clicker game.

i wouldn’t change anything next time

Ten block challenge

Ten block challenge

10 block challenge is a project where you have a 10 block limit to make a scratch game or animation i made a monkey go to the middle and say “ooo ooo aaa aaa” and then arrows point at the monkey.

Here is the coding for the 3 arrows and the monkey

Here’s the coding for the monkey

Here’s the coding for the arrows

build a band

Build a band is a project where you make a band play a song.

You can get very creative you have over 20 instruments and 100 notes.

Here’s the coding for mine. mine is horror music the organ is a very good instrument for horror.


Here’s what it looks like