Drones (Blog)

In the half of Term 4 we have been doing DRONES! A drone is a technological, flyable device. This is my first on: Module 1 (1) Hip to be Square

Sphero (The Maze)

Sphero  Sphero is a little ball that has high quality electronic parts, and a program that will listen to any code with the commands you put in the app. Sometimes

Rube Goldberg Project 2 (longer and better)

So, I decided to make another Rube Goldberg machine and I was stuck, so I asked my Dad to help me give me ideas. I wanted it to be a

Rube Goldberg Machine Project (Short) Blog

At about lunchtime on Sunday, I was playing with my Marble Run set, I got this idea about a Rube Goldberg machine. I wanted it to be short for my


Here is the video of flashing hearts and how do code it. Micro-bit is a programmable chip which has ultrasonic sensors, LED lights, and lots of tutorials! The first tutorial


In the late 14c., misery meant: a state grievous affliction, a condition of unhappiness. Misery means: a state grievous affliction, a condition of unhappiness. Synonyms for misery: unhappiness, suffering, sadness,

MaKey Makey Drums Blog Post

On MaKey MaKey, we had to make an instrument in real life and code it in Scratch. I chose the drum, but it was complicated to make. I used everyday

MaKey MaKey Piano, Bongos & Scratch Blog Post

Makey Makey is a programmed device that you can turn everyday object or fruit to controllers and make music. Firstly, I tried to make a bongo, but…only one of the

Word Study (Favourite Word)

My favourite word is EXPLOSION because it goes BOOM! And the videos are REALLY satisfying! Explosion can mean different things, like: Exploding a whale? Nuclear bomb exploding!! Exploding the ocean! 

Build a Band

Build a Band On Scratch, Build a Band is a music program on Scratch that you can compose and make any kinds of music. At first, it was annoying and

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