Day 5 of Robotics period 3

Today we got a new challenge to make Bingo say hello world why he was spinning in circles.

Then the next thing we did was make him do a pivot turn 180degrees.

I thought this challenge worked really well because we all new something so when each other did not no what to do we each swopped jobs and it was very fun because we al helped.

this is Bingo saying Hello world and doing a pivot tern.



Lego Robotics Day 3

Today we were working on our Robot but it stopped working and we charged it but it did not work so now we have got a new Robot we still named it Bingo we just got a new one so we have to rea start from the very start again witch is really hard because now we have to catch  and rea program everything.

Lego Robotics Day 2

  • We each had a part of building the robot, someone went to get the Lego peace’s, one person took the photos, another person would build the robot. Then  we would all swop jobs. This was REALY fun!
  • We would all follow our jobs so it wasn’t confusing for us, and that made it very easy and fun for everyone!
  • We could use these instructions for another robots in the future. We could also us these strategies for some things that we might wont to use at home or for lots of other things.
  • We see a pattern while we make Bingo who is our team robot, that pattern is while we swap around our jobs.
  • I think I did very well working as a team by swopping jobs, and if someone asked me to get a peace of Lego I would go get it , and if someone said an idea I would always give it a try and I would not say no.
  • I think next time  my group could make it move forward so we can do the next challenge.
  •  I think so far my group has done really well we just had a few ups and downs but then we got back together I think I did very playing my roll by taking photos, getting pieces and doing some building. my roll by taking photos, getting pieces and doing some building.