September 7

We were challenged to make a two page layout. We chose a country to write some facts on. I chose Russia. We split the page in4 and wrote facts in each sections.

Every country has some differences, here are some from Russia and Australia.

~ In winter it snows in Russia, so they wear fur hats.

~Russian has a festival called Masleritsa, it is a week long festival which during that time they light lanterns and let them out in the sky.

~Soccer is one of Russians leading sport, in Australia footy is it’s leading sport.

Every country has some similarity’s.

~Russians play soccer and so dose Australia, but it is not our most common we still play it.

~Russia’s main culture is Christianity and so is Australia’s, we both celebrate Christmas and Easter.

~Russian’s drink tea and coffee although they prefer tea to coffee we still both drink both of them.

If I lived in the Russian culture I think it would not be much different to Australia because we both support Christianity, but the thing I would find most interesting would be the all the festivals like the lantern lighting.