May 28

digital etiquette


netiquette is the same as etiquette but for the online world.

Flame wars

flame wars is an argument between people and they start insulting each other


a troll is a person who likes starting flame wars and insulting people


being anonymous is a person who ahs a hidden identity

communicating clearly

to communicate clearly you should not use caps lock, use Emojis and don’t use slang.


you have to ask permission to post a photo of someone else befor you post it

when you post something and delete it, it is not fully deleted because it was out there for a second and then it is in your history and other people can see it in that 1 second.



May 22


What have you achieved so far? What successes or challenges have you experienced so far? What is the next step for you?

So far I have done most of my filming. some of the challenges I have experienced so far is transporting the videos to my computer. next I will need to start to edit.