October 13


Week one:

This week we started to learn about makey makey, to start off we took photos of all the components and had to research about them.

The Makey makey had a motherboard  to connect the other components, there were alligator clips witch you had to connect to your self  when you are pressing the buttons.

We decided to make a game controller for space invaders from that I learnt led can carry electricity through it’s self.

Week 2

this week we had to pull apart a DVD player and find the motor and try to make it spin from this i learnt that it may be tough it is still possible and next we are going to start making the base of the paint spinner.


Week 3

This week we tried to right a program on scratch and connect it to the motor by using the makey makey but we found that we could not connect the makey makey with scratch or the motor,  so we got a new motor and connected that with a switch and batteries.


Week 4

This week we realised we need a stand because we need to keep the motor stable, to do this we looked on the internet for a design witch could hold the  motor. 

From this i learnt that not everything can stand by it’s self and next we are going to put the motor and cords in place and test it.


Week 5

This week we started  to test the motor in the stand but it took a long time because all the batteries were flat so we had to charge the. Here is a video of the motor finally working.


Next session we are going to  put some paper on it and some paint and see if it will work.