August 14


Week One:

This week we started to learn about scratch, scratch is a programming website. You can make Animations, story’s, games and more.

In scratch this week we started to learn the basics and had a play around with it. Later in the week we learnt how to make a studio, a studio is a place were you can save projects that you enjoyed, in the studio we had to have a explore and find 3 projects the we thought were good and inspirers.

Week Two:

This session we had to de bug a program. We had to de bug 5 programs. To de bug a program you need to fix the program. My favourite one to de bug was  number 4 because  it was a bit more challenging then the others because you had to make the sprite say meow at the same time as it makes the sound meow.


Week 3

This session we had to make an interactive project about our self. In my project I had an icon in each corner, each icon said something like click here to learn about what sports I like. When you clicked on one it took you to another page and told you what the answer is. What I found most challenging was the programming of switching the background on command and making the other icons disappear when the background changes.

Week 4

This week we had to make a project called build a band for this program I made 8 sprites witch were  a  rectangle and I made this so when you  click the sprite it played  music.

From this i learnt how to put music into scratch.