June 23

Refugee Writing


Torture, jail, blood red sand. It is like a party but with shining metal bars and razor wire fences with innocent people in it wanting to be free and live a normal life. Refugee we are, living in pain for as long as we can remember. Wishing I was back home, home with my family but that is no more, no more I say. Nothing, I am nothing.


June 5


We have been doing allegro one semester now, Allegro is were we learn a instrument we get to chose out of flute, trumpet, clarinet or you can continue on the instrument you already learn. The Allegro performance was in senior  school. We played Go go Allegro and Allegro con brio together and then we each played our own song our song was a Treo, Each flute group played a different part.

June 5

The Black Water

It didn’t turn out how I thought it would because I thought that he would keep it a lie and he wouldn’t tell.


Will he lose all his friends?
Will he go to juvenile?
Will he leave the town?
When will it all be over?
Will he go to court?
Will he get a criminal record?
Will anyone forgive him?


Black water writing,

∞The Black Water∞

Waves breaking the shore apart.

Life taking waves tearing people away.

Water roaring with the hunger for flesh.

Currents hauling people in if anyone dares touch it.

You can smell the scent of blood rushing through the never-ending nightmare.

The black water will always be watching.


By Max Wheelahan.






June 1

Micro Worlds

In Micro worlds today we had make our initials.

on the side is my commands, at first I made my letters separately so I can work on them indefigerly and fix my mistakes. To put my turtle In the right place I used setpos but I had to stop the turtle drawing so I used pd and pu. It took me awhile to figer  out the commands  for the “M” because I was all ways a feu degrees off. when I finished the “M” it was pretty easy so figer out the “W” because it was pretty much the same as the “M”. When I finished them I joined together and at the end I added setpos.