May 9

Simple Machines

5A Started off with building KNEX we decided to build a scale, first we got all the pieces and started building. There was one difficult part when you have to push the KNEX in place. The simple machine in a scale pendulum. A pendulum works by putting some wait on one side and it will tip to the heavier side.

simple machines-1avq4ic

5A then moved on to pullies.

We started with one wheel witch was pretty easy  but then it got harder with two wheels the most difficult  part was getting the string in it’s place. the one with 4 wheels was really hard it probably took up most of the lesson fore us. the simple machine in this is wheel.

Then 5A moved on to Lego my group got given a part to build.

We were aiming to build this. We made it but there were a few difficulties, like finding the pieces so our strategy was to just get a bunch of pieces and see if we have the right pieces, the simple machine in this was the leaver.

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