May 8


We started it off with putting someone in the middle of a circle and telling them what to do. First we started off with some thing simple like take a step forwards but we learnt the you need to be more specific we ended up with a lot of steps for it to take one step we ha to do lift left foot 30 cm move left foot forwards 30 cm put left foot down 30cm and then repeat it with the right foot.

We started building today I was in a group with 2 other people we toke in turns building it was a little confusing and in some cases we couldn’t find the right peace’s we managed get it done in the end though.


What is a robot-2fg39ll


This session we started programing, at first we had a experiment to see if we could make it work. At the end of the  lesion we got given a task to make the robot move back and forth one meter with only using two blocks, we had to do three methods, seconds, rotations degrees. so far I have done seconds.



This lesson we got a new challenge the challenge was to make the robot go in a square.






In this session we started to learn about colour senses, we got given 3 challenges with it, one was to go up to a colour and back, one to go up to a colour and stop and the last one was to go all around all the colours.

To get to the colour sensor you need to go through some steps, it starts off as a timer so you need to click on it and then click on colour sensor

then compare and then colour.













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