April 30

Rube Goldberg Experiment!

We had two hours to build a fully functional Rube Goldberg machine. A Rube Goldberg machine is a series of events to do one simple task. Our task was to get a pice of paper in the bin. To start off ours we had someone turning a page which pushed a ball to type on a computer and pushed another ball to roll down a tube pushing the paper in the bin.

April 20

Angles Investigation!

Today in math we went on a website where we could investigate angles. The first game we went on was called angles on a line. We positioned the angle and guess the what the angle was. We ha a partner, one of us guess what angle the red line was and the other person gest what the blue one was, when the second person went they added it and it had to equal 180 degrease.     






The seconded game was harder because the degree could stretch all the way around to 360 but we learnt how to use a protractor but the protractor did not stretch all the way around for a reflex angle so we had to work out how to guess the degrease for a reflex angle.