March 31

team 1

Team I

This team will probably be the best team because I had lots of highlights and you get to meat all the new people and get to know evry one. some of my



March 29

Wood Work Cars

Today we made wood work car’s. Anatoli tort us how to be safe around sharp tools and how to saw propyl.

Anatoli glued a friction gear box on and wheels we also made people to drive them I made a king. To make them go you need to push them forwards and let them go. Now we are at the painting stage.



We did some tests on which surface worked the best with the wooden cars  I found that the tennis court worked the best because there was nothing to stop it. I thought it would work best on the carpet because it had a friction gear box but there was lots of things to bump into that’s why I only got 4.7 m. I collected all my dater from going to the oval the tennis court and the carpet and collected my distance and put it in a graph. Here is the finished product.




March 29

Our Don Bradman book revue

Our don Bradman  is about little boy called victor McDonald and he loves cricket he even gets to meat don Bradman! England starts using a dangerous tactic called bodyline to win back the ashes.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 because it has a lot of twists and it let’s you know what life is in the grate depression!




March 15


Addo is a game where you have to try and make the best combination possible on a grid of 3×3. A person deals out 2 cards at a time from a range of 0-10.


My screen                                                                 Leo’s screen


Lulu’s screen                                                                 Strangely Leo’s screen is different to ours because I think that it depends on what cards you draw out so if you do it 100 times each you would think that it would be different right?

I played with Leo and Lulu. We each put in our best grid in and compared it 100 times.