February 28

Sketch Noting

lately we have been learning what sketch noting is and we have drawn  it and coloured  it this was my one when it was done.Sketch noting is where you draw and get your thinking down in pitchers and colours. I found this activity really fun because I got to draw and colourer and I love that!

February 24

Roller Coaster

Roller coaster #1

The aim of this project is to make a working roller coaster.

Session 1

In my first lesson we had to make a design of a roller coaster with a loop and a hill and have it all most finished by the end of the lesson.  My design by the end of the lesson looked like this:

This is the video witch I watched to get some more info on my design.


Session 4

I was sick for 3 sessions so I missed out on quite a bit.

This lesson I joined  a group to make a roller coaster, they have all ready started building but they needed to finish their design to start building. We kept on trying work out a design out that would work.

Finally we worked one out. 

I didn’t get any thinking down because we were thinking of it for the whole lesson.




Session 5

we changed our design again because the spiral around the back would not build up enough momentum  to do the loop so we changed the starting point much hire.

I used a bull clip and a little bit of bluetac to start off with but it did not hold the pipe so I had to put a lot more on like you can see on the picture. It still dose not hold for a long time because all the bluetac made the bull clip even more heavy.


Session 6

We had to change our design again because the bluetac would just not hold so we changed it to some thing that would be at the bottom of a roller coaster when we join it.

This is a photo of the almost finished product.

This is a video of it working.



Session 7

we had to change the design because we wanted a loop in the roller coaster so we got a box and stared building. I had to completely change my design because the box was way taller than the box we use to have


This was the box when it was done we had a loop witch was quite dificled because we had to have a massive drop to make the loop. The loop only worked with a little marble not a normal sized one another issue was getting the funnel in the right place so the marble could  go right though it.


You wont be able to see the marble even if I put it as slow as it can go. 🙁

Next we are going to join our roller coaster with another group so we can finish it.


Session 8 

To day we joined groups with another working roller coaster. We have to use a small marble so it can make it around the tight terns.In total we have tow loops and one jump. WE had to use a small bit of a bigger pipe and some things to holed the big pipe and the tow other pipes together.


we have to take it apart because it takes up tow much space.

Session 9



This lesson we spent most of the time brain storming ideas to make it go back up to the top of the roller coaster but we decided to have an tube which comes out of the loop and get’s elevated bye a bottle and jumps in tow the end of the bottle. [we cut the end off of the bottle] It took a few tries to get it working but we did it!

We had an ecserbishin today showing everyone’s roller coasters off. We had to set out all our designs out to show what and how we did it. I liked Alex’s group the best because they used centripetal force to make there loop work and they had a really cool roller coaster.



We named our roller coaster SMASH DOWN 2.0 because it had a really big drop and it all ways worked.



I really enjoyed this project because I learnt lot’s of things like centripetal force is where a invisible force  comes from the middle and pushes you out. I really liked building roller coasters because they gave me a good challenged for the term and they are really fun! We also had lot’s of fun presenting them to each other and coming up with cool names. I liked it because we had to make major decisions  to make the roller coaster work like re designing and building again and going back to the stage befor to make it work.






















February 21

Just A Dog

Image result for just a dog    Just a dog is a book about a dog called Mr Mozly and has lot’s of  wired story’s about Mr mozly some of the story’s are gross and some are cool. the characters are uncle Gavin, dad, Mr Mozly, mum, Corey Amelia and Grace.  SPOILER ALERT!

eventually Mr mozly get’s cancer and dies and evry thing is  quiet after that.

I wold rate this book 4 out of 5 stars because it has lot’s of story’s in one  and has lot’s of twists and you don’t really know what is going to happen next. 🙂

February 16

Cereal Box Marble Run

`1`Cereal box marble run

Today we started a project on a cereal box marble run, we had limited spiles those spiles were 30cm of sticky tape, a cereal box and sixes. First we had to make a design for a marble run. when I finished my design I started building my marble run I got some of the card board and made a pathway to the funnel and made another pathway to the end. eventually it broke because it was not stable and it kept on falling over.

Cereal box marble run 2

On our second marble run we had the same spiles except our challenge was to make it as slow as possible on my second marble run I made two funnel’s so it will spin around them and make it slower. When I put it up on the ledge with the other marble runs it and broke so I spent hours trying to fix it. It turned out that I didn’t get 30cm of sticky tape so I got some more and made it more stable.

my design’s :

 to this