October 14

Mulchy Mulch

We went to the mulch centre and we went into a shed and saw a massive pile of rubbish which stank! This rubbish was from our waste bins and bins from places such as shops. It was a DISGRACE how much rubbish could have been recycled; there were books, vegemite jars and plastic.

The green waste was warm  when it was complete. The mulcher cost $1 million. When we climbed the hugest mulch pile I slid down and I got heaps of mulch in my shoe. After I emptied them out it felt like I still had some in my shoes.

Then we went into a room that had big machines which broke wood down into dust and then compressed it into kitty litter!img_5697

Then we went on the bus to the Drysdale Resource Recovery Centre. We could not get off the bus because it was too dangerous so we had a tour guide to guide us around. There were lots of big trucks. There were huge holes with sheets of plastic to catch all the water, it takes 3 years to fill one up!

After the excursion I was amazed and impressed. I was a bit disappointed in my family because we buy packaged food with out thinking about the harm it will do to the environment. Basically everything in has packaging in the canteen and most of the rubbish in our school is from the canteen. In the future I am going to try and convince people to re use bags and other things and grow your own food!! 😀 😀