June 7

Greek Salad Recipe


Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

June 2

So Much Parsley!!!!

DSCN0211Pot to Plate Day is where we have to grow a plant and serve it in a meal. I hope you enjoy my post! Please leave a comment  if you do 🙂

My plants are growing really well except one part which is dead. My parsley is 13 cm tall and almost 14cm.  It keeps growing more stems and leaves. A random carrot is growing  in my pot! [And it is tiny] There has been lots of rain so it has grown really well!! All my plants are mature plants. I learnt how a plant evolves and grows.

I made a Greek salad, it was delicious!! The whole bowl was almost empty!! Lots of people loved it. When I was making it, all the foods smelt so yummy! I learnt how to take care of a plant on my own and how to make Greek salad. I loved making it and sharing with everyone!!  Unlike our food bought from supermarkets, it didn’t have chemicals because we grew them and they haven’t been shipped here. It was delicious!