November 6

Fay’s Nines Reflection

 Fay’s Nines with vertical addition problem with numbers 1-9 to equal 999. There are 180 solutions to equal 999 from numbers 1-9, we have to try to find a way to find them all. We were told how many there were so we had to work backwards.

When we started to work with this problem I was a bit confused what the end aim was so I just started to make some vertical addition problems and try and find as many as I can

, some of the patterns I noticed were only 1-5 cold be in the hundreds section, the ones section had to equal 19, the tens section had to equal 18 and the hundreds section had to equal 8 this is because we at doing vertical addition and we have to carry numbers. Some other patterns I found were if you found one solution you could swap numbers to make a unique solution, you could do this 36 without putting numbers in different sections.

To break this problem into manageable parts I found one solution and tried to find as many unique solutions without changing the section the numbers are in. I found there are 36 in each one.

We did get to 180 but we needed to prove that you can find 36 in each ‘set’ as we called them, we found 5 ‘sets’ and 5×36 equals 180 but we didn’t get to prove that.

This project was challenging because I didn’t understand it that well, I only got what we had to do in the very last session and that is when I found 36 is in each ‘set’. The main challenge for me was that you had to do it all manually, like you had to write down every solution and there was no specific rule.


October 21

T4 Passion Project Blog 1

For this terms passion project I am going to interview my grandmother’s grand children/ my cousins and ask them what their favourite thing about our grandmother is, my mum helped me come up with this idea and said she would like it if someone did it for her. After I have done that I am either going to put what they said into a book or a film to give to my grandmother.

September 7

We were challenged to make a two page layout. We chose a country to write some facts on. I chose Russia. We split the page in4 and wrote facts in each sections.

Every country has some differences, here are some from Russia and Australia.

~ In winter it snows in Russia, so they wear fur hats.

~Russian has a festival called Masleritsa, it is a week long festival which during that time they light lanterns and let them out in the sky.

~Soccer is one of Russians leading sport, in Australia footy is it’s leading sport.

Every country has some similarity’s.

~Russians play soccer and so dose Australia, but it is not our most common we still play it.

~Russia’s main culture is Christianity and so is Australia’s, we both celebrate Christmas and Easter.

~Russian’s drink tea and coffee although they prefer tea to coffee we still both drink both of them.

If I lived in the Russian culture I think it would not be much different to Australia because we both support Christianity, but the thing I would find most interesting would be the all the festivals like the lantern lighting.



August 21



So far I have done the programing for the mice’s movement and also the paint balls.

Some of the challenges I have faced so far is getting the paint balls working when they hit another character.

The next step for me is to fix the paint balls. (I have removed the capture the flag part of the game)

August 16

Digital Citizenship

My character witch I chose to write about is Kieran, Kieran got addicted to video games at the age of 7 and did not get off them. He fell asleep in class and dropped out of school at the age of 15.

  • I chose Kieran as my character and the problem he encountered was getting addicted to gaming, he was playing night and day.
  • When Kieran got addicted to gaming he started to not wash and was unhygienic. he even dropped out of school when he was 15.
  • When Kieran finally realised he needed help he went to his dad and asked for help. his dad took him to a specialist to help him.
  • When the problem was just starting to develop, they could have done something sooner like take away his electronics and if that did not work than take him to a specialist.
  • The main message I took away from this story is to act on it quickly and don’t let the problem develop further.
July 31

Passion Project #2

 I intend to create a game on scratch. it will be a paint ball/ capture the flag game.  For this project I am going to use my computer to screen record me making the game. I am looking forward to playing the game when it is finished. 


June 19

DC Comics

This lesson in digital citizenship we were talking about meaning about cartoons and the meanings behind it. Now we are analysing our own photo and the meaning behind it.

I find this comic funny because of the attitude of the girl. And how the guy pays no attention to her.

I think the message behind this comic is how people spend too much time on phones and not much time communicating in person.

This is an important message because we need to know how much time we should spend on phones.

I still find this funny but when you think about it the message behind this photo it is not that funny.

June 17


Did you achieve what you originally set out to do? 

Yes, I think I got done what I set out to do and show  people the basics of roller blading.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project?

Some of the challenges I faced was uploading the footage onto my laptop and also trying to put arrows in to point at a direction.

 How did you overcome the challenges? 

I overcame the challenges by asking my sisters for help because they have done this before.


June 7

Win at The Fair


I was not here for the first lesson, so I will go from where I started.

When I started we had to create a board to win at the fair with no limits, so we cold put $100 all around the board. For the second board we made we had to try and profit. We played ten games again, I profited $4.70. after we collected our data and wrote how we profited and why it was enticing we could move onto Math 300 where we played 1000 test. When we did that we had to try and profit $300, unfortunately I did not get it so I had to rearrange and change prices on the board. When I changed the prices around I ended up profiting around $500 . the prices I have now are 0.20 0.30 0.50 $25 $ 50 $100.