This term in RVE we where given a project called country’s of the world. We had bout 4-5 weeks to complete this project. All year 6 had to get all the information on these things. Customs which is food, sport ect, the other ones where religions, social behaviours and other ones. We all had to choose a county to work on and i chose mexico. I chose mexico because i thought it was an easy country to work on for starters. Also i learnt a lot of new things about mexico that i didnt know life for example, the most common sports in mexico are volley ball and soccer (football)

The differences between Australia and Mexico are mexico has a very different type of food from us here is Australia, Mexicans tend to like spicy and hot foods like salsa   but they also have really good food like tacos and nachos. tacos and nachos are probably the most known food for mexico but there are also other differences like Mexico and Australia have very different clothing because Mexicans like the western type and also the american Indian type as well, also our country’s have originated from really different things, Mexico was once very similar from the american Indians and our country came from the aboriginals then captain cook came.

Mexico and Australia are not similar so there wont be much, one of the similarities are that in australia we sell mexican food too and we also had the western style too a long long time ago… now in the modern time we all kind of have the same stile because of fashion.

If i lived in mexico and there culture i would find really interesting what most of there celebrations are like day of the dead or if they had more like some we didnt know about. one of the most challenging things if i lived in mexico would be 1 trumps threats and maybe money because i know that it is a very poor country.


the quality is really bad

passion project

passion project finished!!!!!!!!

On the way to finishing my passion project first i used movie maker and it took a heeps  and heeps of time. I did a lot of fails but i only included some of the videos i did. I tried to do some challenging ones that took me some time and some only took 5 min, one of my drawings i was inspired my my cousin who was the one to teach me to draw. the song was outside and i put it in mix craft to mash it up with some audio tracks i made in music. during the drawing i tried not to rub anything out because it would rip the paper as it did in one of my fails.


My first drawing in my video was one i drew a long time ago but i thought it would be good to put it in. any way its a dog with ray bands so why not. 


the history…

Geelong cats was once called the seagulls and they started at 1859. Geelong didn’t play footy at Geelong they played at church hill for only one year. At 1860 they moved again. The oval that they played at was on the side of pako st and played there, the place was called argyle. Next they moved to coriol oval at 1877 and they changed there name to the pivitonions. At 1924 they changed their name to CATS. They started playing at kardina park at 1942. They got kicked out of corial oval because of ww2. The Geelong cats stripes where horizontal and where thicker, there shorts where loner (pants).  They started wearing hats but they didn’t look good so they didn’t where that. Over all the years there uniform has changed and also their names. One of the best geelong footy players died in ww1.his death was so brutal they couldn’t find his remains. Some of the Victorian teams in 1880 where called rankin, Mccallum, baker and burns.

My group is doing the geelong cats uniform and how its changed over time, the players and their name and also the geelong cats football names over time. we where hoping to inter view a footy player(milly).

Carl Gauss beats the teacher

In project maths we where working on a problem called Gauss beats the teacher. The problem was, Carl Gauss finished all his work at school and the teacher told him to solve all the numbers put together to 100, before the teacher got to her desk Carl had told her the answer and it was correct,  how could have Carl have solved the problem that quickly… We where told to do find the way he solved it out and find the answer. I found out a pattern that every 9 goes up by 1oo except for the first one, it goes like this, 55, 155, 255, 355, 455, 555, 655, 755, 855, 955 ect. I used a calculator first and the answer was 5050 and then i worked backwards. the next thing was that the girls had to only do all the even numbers and that was 2450 and the boys did the odd number and that was 2550. one of the sums i used to find he first one out was (49×100) +150=5050 i also added up the numbers 55, 155, 255, 355, 455, 555, 655, 755, 855, 955 and they added up to 5050. I seched up te stratergy he used and it was 1+100 2+98 ect.

passion project 2

My idea on my second passion project is drawing. Im going to use multiple videos and i think i cant do different shots because time laps you cant zoom in and stuff like that. Im going to draw a dog, horse, bird and angle. I think its going to take a lot of time to do all these drawings because the angle is really had to draw even tho ive drawn one before. I was thinking of doing a tutorial but I tried it with my friend gemma and she didn’t  get it and my voice sounds weird on audio. I was going to do a normal video but it would use up all the storage on my phone and i dont want that to happen because i need to use my storage for other stuff than drawing videos. I havent started but ive done lots of fails and my phone keeps on falling out of the thing so thats a fail too.




passion project

what i am doing now on my passion project is making some rough copies of my drawings so then i can et the ight bored and trace them to get the same drawing. When im filming i will start with a scetch and work of that. im not going to use colour. it will take me 30-60 min to complete one drawing but i need to start filming. it takes me a wile to know what position i will put the drawings in but im going to draw a horse, dog, and angle.  

The lost princess


Kieren starting playing games when he was 7 years old. When his friends came over all he did was game and his friends got really bored, but keiren never got bored. he started gaming every day after school and soon never got any sleep. He started to for get to wash and never came out of his room. At the age of 15 he droped our of school and spended. 13 hours or more getting better at gaming and beating  every one he vs. His dad wanted to take the computer away but kieren said he will  cut the hours down but he didn’t. at the age of 18 he said to his dad he said sh needed help and stopped gaming.

The lost princess was a bout some people who did some things online that they shouldn’t have done. One of the people got cat fished by a 40 year old man and went to  concert with him when she thought he was 14 when he was 40.

The biggest message i took away was don’t give your personal info to people you don’t know

Term 2 reflection


Sport was my favourite subject in school because we had to play sports against other schools and i played soccer which it my favourite sport. Every Thursday we would get into our teams and Played the lighting prem which is playing against other schools. There where 4 teams of soccer Gold, green, blue and white. I was in gold and the only girl too. Sport was really fun because we all had a choice of the 5 sports Soccer, footy, T ball, net ball and volley ball.  There was no T ball because no one chose it. in soccer i was either striker that scored goals and i was also


Drama was also my favourite subject too because we played fun games and we made mini performances to the class. Some of the games we played where dead fish where you just lie on the floor, zombie fish where there is a person who walks around the room trying to spot people moving and if they catch you moving you are out. there where others too. My favourite part of drama was when we had to get into a group and perform something that once happened. some people did titanic, cats winning the cup, trumps election and life found on Mars. I was in a group with jas, josh, darcy, hugh and joe and we did life found on mars but we tried to make the performance funny but it wasn’t really the same as the real thing because we put a 7 11 on mars.

Ted talks

Ted talks was one of our main projects that we had to show the class. We had to choose a topic that we think needs to chance in the world. Some people did palm oil, strokes, homelessness and where your meat comes from. We had to create a script and work on it until you think you can start recording and doing your story clip. Once you have finished the recording or voice overs you pic images  that you think will be good to go with your story clip. On Friday we will be showing  our ted talks to the year 4,5 and 8.

Passion project# Editing

Filming was fun and i have also nearly finishes my editing as well. So far i think im going pretty well on my editing and i finally found out how to put my photos from my phone to my computer “FINALLY”.  The only problem i have is that i only have the footage from 1 game but it still goes for 1-2 min. I am doing my editing on movie maker because im really not that good at premiere pro. One of my problems are on my photos there is black lines on the sides and i dont really know how to get rid of them. I think i will get a little bit more filming done on the weekend if there is an APS game. I think im improving on movie maker because i wasn’t that good with any editing software. 

Reading rant# class book


boy over bored

From the past few terms 6A have bees reading the book boy over bored. The book was about boy called jamal and his sister bibby. They both love playing soccer. they live in Afghanistan and there mum teaches girls because they are not aloud to go to school and there dad is a baker. When jamal and his friends go out to play a game of soccer bibby comes and plays too but girls cant go out side. Jamal tries and tells bibby to go inside but she just gets the ball and kicks a goal. The ball went over the crater that they used as the goal and went over the fence. When they got the ball they relised that a tank was pointing right at them. They run and then bibby screams because she had steped on a land mine. Jamal quickly pushes bibby of the land mine and holds there ears from the explosion but it didnt explode. When they get home there mum was crying because they government found out she was teaching a school so they had to move. They drive in a taxi to a place where it was full of  people ready to ship to Australia . When they finaly get the tickets there parents got on a diferent boat. On the boat they meet a girl called rusheeda. when they have run out of food jamal got flower out of rusheedas bag and baked bread with the flower. When they made it to Australia they waied days thinking there perants where dead when the finaly arived.





In the last few pe lessons we where working on knowing how too do some sports that we wanted to work on, i chose the put because i dont  really play football so i thought i needed to work on that. In the last section we videoed our self doing the sport we picked.

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