Term 2 reflection


Sport was my favourite subject in school because we had to play sports against other schools and i played soccer which it my favourite sport. Every Thursday we would get into our teams and Played the lighting prem which is playing against other schools. There where 4 teams of soccer Gold, green, blue and white. I was in gold and the only girl too. Sport was really fun because we all had a choice of the 5 sports Soccer, footy, T ball, net ball and volley ball.  There was no T ball because no one chose it. in soccer i was either striker that scored goals and i was also


Drama was also my favourite subject too because we played fun games and we made mini performances to the class. Some of the games we played where dead fish where you just lie on the floor, zombie fish where there is a person who walks around the room trying to spot people moving and if they catch you moving you are out. there where others too. My favourite part of drama was when we had to get into a group and perform something that once happened. some people did titanic, cats winning the cup, trumps election and life found on Mars. I was in a group with jas, josh, darcy, hugh and joe and we did life found on mars but we tried to make the performance funny but it wasn’t really the same as the real thing because we put a 7 11 on mars.

Ted talks

Ted talks was one of our main projects that we had to show the class. We had to choose a topic that we think needs to chance in the world. Some people did palm oil, strokes, homelessness and where your meat comes from. We had to create a script and work on it until you think you can start recording and doing your story clip. Once you have finished the recording or voice overs you pic images  that you think will be good to go with your story clip. On Friday we will be showing  our ted talks to the year 4,5 and 8.

Passion project# Editing

Filming was fun and i have also nearly finishes my editing as well. So far i think im going pretty well on my editing and i finally found out how to put my photos from my phone to my computer “FINALLY”.  The only problem i have is that i only have the footage from 1 game but it still goes for 1-2 min. I am doing my editing on movie maker because im really not that good at premiere pro. One of my problems are on my photos there is black lines on the sides and i dont really know how to get rid of them. I think i will get a little bit more filming done on the weekend if there is an APS game. I think im improving on movie maker because i wasn’t that good with any editing software. 

Reading rant# class book


boy over bored

From the past few terms 6A have bees reading the book boy over bored. The book was about boy called jamal and his sister bibby. They both love playing soccer. they live in Afghanistan and there mum teaches girls because they are not aloud to go to school and there dad is a baker. When jamal and his friends go out to play a game of soccer bibby comes and plays too but girls cant go out side. Jamal tries and tells bibby to go inside but she just gets the ball and kicks a goal. The ball went over the crater that they used as the goal and went over the fence. When they got the ball they relised that a tank was pointing right at them. They run and then bibby screams because she had steped on a land mine. Jamal quickly pushes bibby of the land mine and holds there ears from the explosion but it didnt explode. When they get home there mum was crying because they government found out she was teaching a school so they had to move. They drive in a taxi to a place where it was full of  people ready to ship to Australia . When they finaly get the tickets there parents got on a diferent boat. On the boat they meet a girl called rusheeda. when they have run out of food jamal got flower out of rusheedas bag and baked bread with the flower. When they made it to Australia they waied days thinking there perants where dead when the finaly arived.





In the last few pe lessons we where working on knowing how too do some sports that we wanted to work on, i chose the put because i dont  really play football so i thought i needed to work on that. In the last section we videoed our self doing the sport we picked.

Win at the fair

From the past few project maths lessons we have been working on a game called win at the fair .There are two dice you have to role and the numbers you can role are 2-12, Some of the numbers go up, across to the left and across to the right. The aim of the game is to win the most amount of money on the game bored(for the players). I came up with some good games that won lots of money so i think thees will be good to raise money.


the game bred here I ended up getting $666. I found that out by doing the sum 1000-334=666. The way you can also find this out is you take away 334 from the amount of rounds you put in. I also gave away 33c every round so i think this is a great game bored to raise money for. I think people will play this game because its $1 to play and the highest amount you can win is $5.(but only 5 people got $5). (this might be the wrong image)

This is the game bored of the one that i got $666. I made sure that i put the larger amounts of money on the sides because i put the roles at.

  • up(3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  • across to the right(2
  • across to the left(12

I put those numbers there because they are the most unlikely numbers to get so that’s why I put the bigger numbers on the sides so then they have more of a chance of getting 10c than $5.

Problem solving

The problem I got this week was really the same as 4×8 or 2×16 so  I found it out pretty easily but I found put some ways to solve the problem. The problem was a girl was building a tree house and she used 8 sticks per side on her square tree house how many all together…(32)

The answer is the same as

  • 4×8
  • 2×16
  • 0x32
  • 1×32


I used the strategy draw a picture so I have a clear idea on what I’m doing and can sort things out quicker like putting all your thoughts onto a piece of paper.

I found out the answer to this problem pretty easily this time and quite fast as well.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

The Ted talk we watched today was about a boy called Birke Baehr. He was talking about food and where is comes from and why we should know where it comes from because our meat don’t just come from a farm where cows eat grass all day and pigs role is the mud they come from a farm where they are stuck in a cage or the chickens are bunched up in a shed. Our food comes from far and the people spray the food with a chemical that makes them last longer.

I think his message was really clear because he researched alt which I think helped a lot with his talk. He moved around the stage and moved his hands to keep the audience entertained. He also made the audience laugh so they can be more interested is his talk and want to hear more.

I  think he could have used his hands a bit less in his talk but it was still good and entertaining
to watch. I think he took his time to do his ted talk and did a great job on his talk and if he was trying to persuade me it worked.

Related image

passion project #Production

I have nearly finished the filming and have all ready got my song set. I filmed on Saturday at the soccer ovals playing APS. I am going to have a mix of pictures and videos. So far I have two good videos and a lot of pictures. I’m hoping to make my film 1-2 min long. I took all my photos and videos on my phone and now having trouble trying to get it from my phone to my computer.  Soon this week I’m hoping to finish my filming and start editing on movie maker or premier pro if I can find out how to use it. so far the song I’m thinking of is  The Script – Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am – YouTube

Shotlist Planning Template-qjjgom

Hopefully I get the filming done and get on to editing.

Richard Turere’s

Richard Turere’s trouble with lions eating there cattle so he came up with some inventions. His first invention was a scarecrow but he found out that lions are very clever and they would think it was some-one one day and the next it didn’t move so they jumped in and killed the animals. The next day he was walking around the paddock with a flash light and the lions didn’t come that night and he found out that lions are scared of moving lights so he came up with an invention. He used his mums radio to power some flashing lights on the paddock fence and the lions thought it was him walking around the paddock when he wasn’t. He started installing his invention in other peoples houses and from his great idea he got a scholarship to one of the best schools in his toun.

I think his message was very clear about lions attaching his animals and also had a good topic to do a ted talk on.  I also think the first image if a lion eaten cow was good to start of because then the people would have more of an idea of what really happens when the lions attack. He made the audience laugh which was good to make the ted talk more interesting.

Me as a reader

I like to read in a quiet ace where there is no noise so I can focus on what I’m reading. I also like to read before I go to bed so can stop reading when I want to instead of never putting the book down. I like books with a hook so then I can keep reading without getting lost in the book or forgetting what I just read.

I like books that are funny or that make you feel like you are in the moment or books that are sad. My favourite type of books are war, fantasy and humour. war books because they give me an idea of what happened in the war. Fantasy books are my favourite because they use my imagination and are not thing that would happen in the real world. I also like humour because it makes people laugh and every one likes a funny book.

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