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Reflecting learning

Passion project

For my term three passion project I am going to be planning my trip to Manchester where I will be competing in the YDL Athletics finals (Youth Development League). I will be competing in high jump, long jump and hurdles…. Continue Reading →

A Marathon of her own.

7 peice tangram!

Lakeside stadium๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Friday In design this term I have decided to along with Liliana to make lakeside stadium. To do this we are going to get a big board and paint it blue next we will paint white lines on it aย … Continue Reading →

Tangrams 2.0

Ok in 5A we have been doing even more tangrams. this time the tangram was not in a square shape it was more in a sort of stretched square shape. it was not to hard to figure out because every… Continue Reading →

lego wedo Theme park

In year five we have been able to choose a project to do for the term. We got to choose partners or threes, but we could not have a bigger group than that. Maddie and I decided to partner up… Continue Reading →


Fraction Rods


in year five we have been allowed to do some activities I choose to do shperoshere are some of the pictures I took. at first it was really hard to get the program right. but after a while I got… Continue Reading →



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