1st instrument complete

a couple of weeks ago we started to build a instrument it was quite easy what i did was i hooked up the wires to the makey makey kit  and then i coded my instrument  i made a bass drum an then  i  plugged the wires into some play dough and i hooked it up to my guitar but first i had to make it stick. One thing i should work on is having more than one  drum i should of put in a snare but the snare didn’t coroperate with the bass drum. But in the end i just stuck with the bass drum.



Today we made a musical instrument out of cardboard but before that we programmed the sound in scratch and then we made it mine was so easy it was made in under a minute but i found it hard because earth was acting up and one of the sounds wouldn’t work  so i added 2 earth and that worked and then the problem happens my mum took a video and sent it to me and it was to long so we had to redo it thank you for listening. 

Second controller

Today i made a 2 player PAC man controller at first is was difficult but in the end i got there the difficult thing was the wires i couldn’t find the right material to hook the wires up to but then i tried foil ad it worked i think the foil gave it power because it was electricity with metal  forms a energy but overall it was great i think i could be better at getting my self organised for the chalenges that are waiting for me so yeah that is what I did in design thanks for reading have a lovely day.



PAC MAN Controller

Today i made a PAC MAN Controller at first it was hard but in the end i survived  to make the controller i hooked the crocodile wires up to the game board and i plugged the wires on the foil and the game started to move finally i had finished the controller and the game worked perfectly but the good and bad thing happens lets start with the bad thing well the bad thing was it glitches and it was so hard because if you were at the bottom and you glitched out there was no way you were getting back up but the good thing was that you could go through walls and kill the ghosts



makey makey



in design we were told to make a blog about what electricity is. Electricity is a energy that powers stuff like your house lights and your TV it also powers chargers  but electricity can be DANGEROUS! just make shore that you stay away from electric wires with wet hands. Here are the all of the stuff that are powered by electricity you have lights, weirs, electric piano,charging places and school computers.

We also did a program called makey makey with makey makey you program fruit to to make sounds like a bongo drum i found it hard trying to find the second fruit but after 3 fruits  i finally found a fruit that worked here is a video of me playing it



design is when you first start coding it is really hard but once you practice it gets easier and easier what I have learnt about coding is a fun thing you can do but coding is not a toy when you get in to my grade you will know that is used  for sensible stuff like home work I thing my project

I  think the soccer people made the game more interesting  because the players are kicking  the ball to each other I struggled with the soccer players to get them in the right position what I will do next time I will make my ball skills better and I will managed my time very well

My favorite word

My favorite word is soccer it means nothing but it’s a sport well you can use it to stay fit and healthy this is my favorite sport because it is fun to play with on a team and you get to meet new friends what else do i need know about the word  I know that the word  comes from England.


In class we are reading a book called Refugee.It’s about a boy who escapes Afghanistan in the boot of his uncles car they travel until they get to the Airport Ali get on a plane and travels to Indonesia and the travails on a boat to Australia but the boat breaks down and the drift in to Australia and then the boats starts to sink but luckily the Australian border patrol came and saved them and send them to  woomera refugee camp then after 5 to 7 months he wet in to a foster family but the government was still watching Ali got 10 dollars a day he also met a girl when he went to English school but then the girl that he met had to leave and Ali didn’t  have her phone number so he goes to the  Airport and waits after along time of waiting she finally comes and then Ali got caught and got sent back to woomera but he escapes.





Today we had to draw triangles and mesher it with a protractor it was really fun because we got to mesher he angels with a protractor but I struggled with some adding up the problem was my ruler was tiny and that is what I struggled with  I also had to right a blog about it so here it is my blog it was also difficult because I couldn’t find a long Inonu ruler it but still it was super duper fun we also went on some game that tort us about length with and depth.


About me

This project is called about me this project is to explain to the buddies a program that we are getting on Wednesday. We had to introduce our family on scratch so that my buddy would know things about me. We need to introduce our family on a program called scratch in this picture you will see me,Spencer, the school, computer and my soccer uniform. I found it hard to do the lines correctly. I also found it hard trying to find the correct dog picture because Spencer isn’t a black chocolate Labrador he is a creamy white dog I also found it hard to get the right hair colour.