Lego Robotics

Today we changed today we did Lego robotics it wasn’t as fun as sphero but it was good there where some code challenges  that where harder then a sphero. I was in a team with Jono and Thomas and we did great Thomas,Jono and i all did some coding and we managed to finished off in 4th period but i think we should build things instead of coding because. I think it’s quicker than coding.


In  Lego robotics we coded program’s i put my favorite 2  project’s in because they where fun the program’s where called Circle Square, Colour project   i will tell you what they are so the circle square project is a project that you program your robot to do a circle and a square. The second project  was the colour project the robot would recognize the color and go to the color and it would spin when it goes on the color.  

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