Lego Robotics

Today we changed today we did Lego robotics it wasn’t as fun as sphero but it was good there where some code challenges  that where harder then a sphero. I was in a team with Jono and Thomas and we did great Thomas,Jono and i all did some coding and we managed to finished off in 4th period but i think we should build things instead of coding because. I think it’s quicker than coding.


In  Lego robotics we coded program’s i put my favorite 2  project’s in because they where fun the program’s where called Circle Square, Colour project   i will tell you what they are so the circle square project is a project that you program your robot to do a circle and a square. The second project  was the colour project the robot would recognize the color and go to the color and it would spin when it goes on the color.  

Sphero SPRK+ Reflection

A Sphero is a robot that we use in design. there are cool things you can do like change the color to red to green also you can have a party by spamming the light’s. You can also aim, aim is the direction that the Sphero travels then there is the speed there is a button on the side of the joystick. We can also code it to, that’s what Thomas and i did we tried it with the Ollie but it was to big to fit the track so we tried Eamon’s track. But most of the time we couldn’t do it because our sphero didn’t work and lots of them where charged because people kept connecting to other peoples robot.

So then we switched to the Ollie and it was good so far this was the best design lesson ever JK it was the greatest design lesson ever.

In design we built a maze for our sphero we where 95% finished and it didn’t  turn a corner it was really frustrating and that’s not the only worst thing that happened  5 Spheros and the battery was low for every robot we tried. and tried and every sphero was low battery then Mrs Jones AKA my favorite teacher sorry Mrs Watters and Mr Mickie she said that Thomas and I can use a jump in our maze but we didn’t get to it because of the battery life on the sphero.