Aeroplane Facts

My job was to make a sorry, yes, no and maybe button instead of making these buttons I made an aeroplane facts machine.  The hardest part was to design the aeroplane facts machine.  I used a particular material called foil as it was hard to cut out as the foil became weak, we also found pictures of aeroplane parts and cut them out on the foil.  We also wrote down each of the aeroplane parts using a sharpie, I got a little bit of help from the helper teacher Ms Flynn who helped me cut out a pilot and the rest of the parts such as the wing, the tail, the engine, the wheels, the pilot and I cut out the baggage.  We also put a cardboard piece on top and we cut out the pieces of the aviation parts.  The problem was that when we glued down the cardboard top and the rest of the parts the makey makey kit was faulty when it came to sharing time I clicked on the engine and two of the facts came up about the aeroplane.  In the next design lesson I fixed the faulty engine by separating some parts that were close to the engine wire and the other problem that I discovered was when the cardboard did not stick down with the glue stick and it kept popping up so I tried multiple times to stick it down but then I realized, that I had to use a hot glue gun to stick the cardboard down so it would not come apart then I added some detail to the aeroplane parts to make it more realistic.