interment finished

Hello today i’m going to show you how i made my instrument it may seem hard and it may seem easy. The first 2 things that came to mind was guitar no drum so i put the ideas together and poof i had what i was going to build well it was kinda easy because if  you  put another drum next to it. It takes control of the other drum. I wrote some steps of how to do it its not that long its like 6 steps ones you have followed these steps your guaranteed you will have it done. So here are the steps of how to make it. if it doesn’t work  just  email me and i can get back to you. if it works hooray if it doesn’t i don’t know what i did wrong what i found hard was i fond out that if you put a snare drum next to  a bass drum I will go ballistic so then i tried all these different combinations like foot pedal it’s easy it’s simple to make you only need your makey makey kit.

  1. Make or have a guitar.
  2. hook the wires up to what ever arrow you want.
  3. hook the cord up to the computer
  4. add the drum sound in scratch
  5. add the wires up to the play dough
  6. and add it to the guitar.


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