Second controller

Today i made a 2 player PAC man controller at first is was difficult but in the end i got there the difficult thing was the wires i couldn’t find the right material to hook the wires up to but then i tried foil ad it worked i think the foil gave it power because it was electricity with metal  forms a energy but overall it was great i think i could be better at getting my self organised for the chalenges that are waiting for me so yeah that is what I did in design thanks for reading have a lovely day.



PAC MAN Controller

Today i made a PAC MAN Controller at first it was hard but in the end i survived  to make the controller i hooked the crocodile wires up to the game board and i plugged the wires on the foil and the game started to move finally i had finished the controller and the game worked perfectly but the good and bad thing happens lets start with the bad thing well the bad thing was it glitches and it was so hard because if you were at the bottom and you glitched out there was no way you were getting back up but the good thing was that you could go through walls and kill the ghosts



makey makey



in design we were told to make a blog about what electricity is. Electricity is a energy that powers stuff like your house lights and your TV it also powers chargers  but electricity can be DANGEROUS! just make shore that you stay away from electric wires with wet hands. Here are the all of the stuff that are powered by electricity you have lights, weirs, electric piano,charging places and school computers.

We also did a program called makey makey with makey makey you program fruit to to make sounds like a bongo drum i found it hard trying to find the second fruit but after 3 fruits  i finally found a fruit that worked here is a video of me playing it