bombing of Darwin book response

bombing of Darwin is a book about los and fear. a boy called tom whos at the age of 14 lived in Adelaide and took a trip to Darwin because his dad was working at the pier in Darwin. but unfortanatly they made a big mistake they went in a war zone on 19th of feb, japineise planes wiped out and killed people in Darwin. millians were missing. and killed.

the attack stopped at lunchtime. and cleaned up the town.

toms mum worked at the post office. but tom lost his parents will he find them or couldent

find em. read the bombing of Darwin to find out more.

3d printing

3d printing is like printing a piece of paper but harder and better. it takes normaly like an hour to print but it depends how big it is.

this is a picture of one of the models I printed

  its an xbox control

I am starting to 3d print my initials with an r and a g. I didn’t even know how a 3d printer works. i have 2 partners George c and oscer. we help each other with 3d printing. George is the main leader. he was the first year five student in 2018 he taught himself on youtube how to 3d print. that was all the start of tearm 2 in tearm 3 oscar came in taking a look in the school we walked in the door in the same time i remember shaking his hand and told George oscers here! we were very exited to have a new student in year five. in mid tearm 3 we decided to 3d print together. it worked out well.

this is a picture of a mayo cup.


this is a video of how the 3d printer works

3d printing is harder than it looks. you have to draw everything. like curves squares shapes. and to send the picture to your teacher when your finished. the 3d printers are at the maker space. people go there to make design  projects.

this is my friend George c we work together

this is Oscar his a gary.

and this is me

 our whole thing is a kind of annoying. the reason is its because when you fail it will improve next time. but the most important thing is to work together as a team.

 we have now finished our presentaition bourd.

this is a video of us when we work.


simple machines

This is simple machines is a project how to build simple stuff. I like it because its simple. I think its very interesting.

this is a picture of the crain we built,

      this is a lego crain that has a speiciel motor on the back . That makes the rope go up and down. you program a speiciel thing to dodifferent things.

this is a close up of the machenne going

ive leant how simple machines work. I think its a very great design and making a craing with Nick was a very good task. we worked well together and had fun.

Circles and Patterns

Today in Micro-worlds, I learnt how to make circles and semi circles.

Here is the code I used to make a circle.


Then I learnt how make cool patterns using basic shapes and using  the repeat code.

Here are some of my patterns I found.

Once I learnt how to code and get my turtle to do what I wanted, I really enjoyed playing with shapes on micro-worlds.


kites and microworlds

I learnt about folding kites in a special way, its just like folding a paper.

This is a picture of the paper kites I folded.






Then I make them into a pattern.






I used microworlds to draw the shape, this is a picture of the drawing I did



Kite microworlds-1traz2h





I enjoyed making kites because its fun to fold kites as paper and do it in microworlds.









Arduino-Blink on LED

Arduino is an electronic platform where we can turn lights on and off. Today we made one using a breadboard and sent instructions to tell it what todo.. We had to use Arduino programming language.

Xav and Tommy helped me. We had problems with the audino app, it wouldn’t let us turn on the audino uno. Eeuan came and worked through the problem, we found out the internet connection wouldn’t connect to the program.

You could use alligator clips to attactch to the battery wires and attach to the resister. and then the light turned on.