Win At The Fair

In project maths we have been trailing our own game boards that is called win at the fair. Our first lesson we had to play a game board that the teachers had made for us and in the game, the school lost money and this is how we figured that out.

Then we got into the maths, we got to make our own game boards.

We got told some words that would make people play our games but the one word that stood our for me was enticing. It stood out for me because i wanted to make people play, so i would earn money. My game board wasn’t that enticing at first, until the class had a great idea. We would put $100 or higher on our board, so it would make people think they could win that much money but we put a little twist to it. We put the highest number at the bottom because when you play the game you can’t reach the bottom of the board because we made it so 4,5,6,7,8,9 ,10,11 only go up. Then we put 2,3,12 on the side because the are the hardest to role.

This is my first and second game boards:

After we trailed our last game board and we think it was enticing, we went onto maths300. We went onto maths300 to if we would earn money, witch i did. It costs $1.00 to play each game and we played four rounds to if anyone got the highest price.

This was my first game:                                          This was my second game:

This is what an in enticing game looks like.        As you can tell i didn’t get that good of money

The good thing about this round nobody got      on my second try but i kept going.

$500 and only one person got $100.



       My third and fourth go:

On my third go, i did great and i got really      But then i went down hill again but

exited because my game board was            the average payout was $0.72

working.                                                            witch i’m happy with.


I hope you enjoyed my reflection on what we have been doing the past few weeks in project maths and if you would play my game board.







Digital neteiquette

Today we learnt about Netiquette: A word for Net Etiquette is Flame Wars: online wars start when we people are commenting rude things about each other online.

Flaming: flaming is when one person says something rude about a person and someone responds with an even worse comment.

Troll: Someone who just waits around to hurt someones feelings.

Anonymous: Someone with no identity and spreads mean rumours.

Netiquette: A word that’s for Net Etiquette.

Next time you see a mean comment, don’t comment anything bad but do tell them to stop and think about what they are doing.

Digital Citizenship

Today we learnt about digital citizenship. We were shown a video about what the future holds for us in 2029. It included many electronic interactive devices. It made me realise how crazy and fast the earth is changing!

What is digital citizenship? It is how to behave and respect others online. We were shown a simple acronym so we can remember before we post, tweet, etc. We must:


To extend on that I think:

T is it true. If it is not true then you are lying to your community.

H is it helpful. If it not helpful what is the point in putting out on the web.

I is it inspiring. You always want to inspire others and make them happy, have leadership.

N is it necessary. If is not needed then why even bother saying/doing it.

K is it kind. We always want to be kind. Online and in face-to-face conversation.


I decided to create my own simple acronym to remember:

P is it Personal

I is it inspiring

P is it portraying me to be a kind person

E is it equal, making others feel equal

R is it Respectful


Passion Project


What do you intend to create? 

I intend to create a book of my life and all the amazing opportunities i get and i’m grateful for every single one. I am also making a video on how i made the book.

Who is your project targeted at?

My project is targeted at people who care for places they go,the things they see and are amazingly grateful for everything.

What are you looking forward too? 

I’m looking forward to see all the memories I have and all the places I’ve gotten to experiences and also to see my end product.


What have you achieved so far?

I’m pretty close to being finished with my passion project and i feel like i have been working really hard on it, so it’s PERFECT.

What type of learning have you done to up skill yourself? 

I have learnt so many different things about my life and lately i’m trying to be more exited for anything i get to do, and any experiences i get to face.

What success or challenges have you experienced so far?

I have been through a lot these past few weeks with my passion project and i’m trying really hard to make it the best it could ever be and i’m so exited for the end result. It has also been hard for me to find photos of the most exiting things in my life but now that i’m all sorted, i am so ready for the grade to see it.

What is the next step for you?

My next step would be designing the pages and how i want to set everything out and i feel like that will be so much fun.


Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk inspired me to eat more healthy, don’t always go for the bright colourful packaging and don’t be afraid to try different types of food. Birke Baehr had so many messages that impacted his audience, including me.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk had all sorts of main messages, at the end of his presentation he said this sort little message witch was, ” lets make kids healthy, one by one” and that really impacted me.

Birke Baehr, had a slideshow in the background to help his audience visuals his messages he was trying to get across.

Birke Baehr had amazing eye contact to his audience, he had a loud voice so the audience could hear him clearly, but he did use his hands a lot but i was okay with that because he connected to his audience in a way some people can’t.

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

Richard Turere’s TED Talk showed me that animals are alive too, they deserve to be treated the same and he really impacted me to care for any animal. I was amazed how much he really wanted to help living things besides humans. He made me think, what could you do to help an animals life?

Richard Turere’s had an amazing impact on his audience because he had incredible eye contact, he had a loud voice so he could get his message across and he added a little humour.

Richard Turere’s used a microphone to help his voice, he had a slide show in the background to help the audience see what is happening to his environment, and to help us visualise the animals and how he used his mums new radio to help. If he didn’t have the slideshow most people wouldn’t understand the message he is trying to get a across.

Richard Turere’s had amazing presentation techniques, he presented it so clearly, he is passionate about the message and he wants everyone to visualise his passion.


Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez had a main message that he kept through his whole speech and that message was that he loves to make apps. He explains that you don’t have to be an adult to create apps, you could be 8,6 even 20. Some things that i would take away from his speech is that i can really do anything i put my mind too, he showed that you shouldn’t be afraid, take risks, start clubs at school and show people what you are really passionate about. He always had eye contact to the audience, he stood tall and he knew that he could change peoples minds. It was amazing to hear that his parents were supporting him through it all and they would help him as much as they could.He had a very confident voice and to help be more confident he had a microphone and a iPad to help him through the speech. He was connecting amazingly well with the audience and that was because he was talking about a subject that people don’t really talk about. He wanted to prove that you don’t have to have an ordinary job, change the world and try different things.