balloon popping machine

Last Friday i made a new rube goldberg track, it was my second. It was a balloon popping machine it took 3 tries here are the steps.

For the machine I threw a ball into a line of books kind of like a domino track the books hit each other into the balloon that hit a knife that I used sticky tape to attach to a tissue box and the balloon popped.

In the end I had lots of fun making the track.


Rube Goldberg track

On Friday I made my first rube goldberg track it was so fun I will tell you how I made it.                                                                                       At the start of the track i used a hot wheels car and a hot wheels track the ht wheels car went down the track and hit a ball into cricket stumps.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In the end it was very fun


Micro bit part1

This term 5A are learning about Micro bit and our teacher is Mr. McKie.                                                                                                                 In our first week were learning about how it works and making a heart out of the micro bit and also it was making my name.                            In the seccond week we learnt how we could make there are bit bots that are like cars that you need a micro bit for a steeling weel it is very cool.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In our last week before home learning me fred and joe made a project and it is a plant waterer it was really hard but we got it to work.

Own choice part 1

Today it was design and i was up to my own choice project. I had and idea to make a mini hoop from scratch made out of wood. Right now I am making a scoreboard for the mini hoop on scratch and adding music to it i am also going to make the ring on the weekend. I am enjoying making he scoreboard on scratch right now. Keep updated for part 2.


Today i am going to write about the word misunderstand here some facts.

The word misunderstand dates back to the year 1200 which is very old. The word misunderstand is the antonym for understand and the synonym is misunderstood which is also in the word list.

I chose this word because I wanted to learn more about it.

Own choice scratch game controller

Today we are doing a drive through and catch up on learning my next task was making my own choice scratch game controller. I decided to make it on this maze i found, the controls are the arrow keys space to pause and click to start. It was a great maze it was tricky but i got to the end  it was very difficult and fun.

makey makey pacman controller

On Friday I started a new makey makey project today instead of doing a project on an instrument like we did last time with the piano and bongos but today we are making a pacman controller it was very fun.

I used the google pacman instead of the scratch one and i enjoyed it.

makey makey piano

Today i will be making a blog post about the makey makey piano that I learnt about on Monday it was very fun. I enjoyed the project because it is very fun learning how the makey makey works. it is very cool how you can just plug in the makey makey board and you can use it as a keyboard. The piano project was kind of like the bongos project but it was a bit harder because it was using more keys for it. I really enjoyed it and i cant wait for our next project.


makey makey

What is electricity? Electricity the flow of electric charge or energy. It flows through wires and is the energy which powers machines and electronic devices.Name some things we use that are electric? We use lots of electric things in our every day lives such as lights, computers, phones and washing machines.Write a reflection for the bongos? I think mine went well, it is so cool that a lemon can be your space bar

it was hard first getting to know how it works but in the end i got it to work and it was a lot of fun

scratch inspiration project

Two weeks ago Mr Mckie told us our last scratch project for term 1 it was our inspiration I made a cricket quiz because my favourite sport is cricket. I had lots of fun making this project.I learnt how hard it is to code even and it looks easier than it is. Next time i might put in music to he quiz to make it better The challenges was coding it it was pretty hard.It was worth doing because it was fun and i wanted to get it finished.