For the first five weeks of term two we have bean learning how to code microbits.

Microbit coding is a bit like scratch except more complicated and instead of coding sprites you code red lights to flash on and off. This is a example of a code.

In this code there are two types of brick, four blue bricks and a purple brick. There is a lot of different types of bricks. These are some of the most commonly used bricks.

  • Basic [blue] bricks, These bricks are simple and easy to under stand. some examples of basic bricks are ‘On start’ [when this brick is attached to a group of bricks these bricks will ocker at the start of the program] and ‘show leds’ [whichever leds are selected will appear on the microbit]
  • Input [purple] bricks, These bricks say what to do when a certen thing happens. These are bricks like ‘when button A pressed’ [when the A button is presed do…….] and ‘on shake’ [when the microbit is shaken do…….]
  • Music [orange] bricks, you can use these bricks to play music.

I have nine projects different projects:

  1. duel……….This project is my favourite project, you press the buttons to use spells like Expeliaranus.
  2. quitege……….i haven’t finished this project yet but once it’s finished you will be able to doge obstetrical’s to get the the quaffle to hoop.
  3. tug of led……….this is like tug of war but with a red dot instead of a rope.
  4. dance……….you press the buttons to make the character dance.
  5. emojis……….when you press the buttons different emojis appearĀ  on the microbit.
  6. micro chat……….using this project me and Addy can send messages to each other.
  7. rock, paper, scissors……….using this project me and Addy can play rock paper scissors on our microbits.
  8. Archie’s tug of led……….this is a project i helped my brother make.
  9. flashing fish……….this was very easy, a fish picture flashes on the screen.

Next i am going to make a Accio Battle and a cello game.