Octopus Fact Clicker

Octopuses are strange but fasinating creachers, this is why i have chosen to make my makey makey project about them.

My project will be a….. [drum roll] OCTOPUS FACT CLICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will have a picture of a octopus with foil covering parts of it. You will be able to click on the foil parts of the octopus it will say some thing like “if a octopus louses a arm it will just grow back” or  “male octopus have a whole arm just for making baby’s!!!!!” 😱😱😱 Shoking but true.

How it works……

Behind the paper there will be a pice of foil, the pice of foil will have a wire leading to the makey maakey atteched to it.

I hope you enjoy learning about one of the worlds weirdest creachers!