In the makey makey bongo progect we hade to use our makey makeys to play a online bongo set here is the link:

I found this project quite easy because we only had to plug in 2 bananas, the left arrow banana and the space bar banana. When you click the left arrow banana [or what ever it is] it will make the lower sound. If you click the space banana I will make a higher sound. Both noises sound like a bongo drum.


One of the makey makey challenges was the piano challenge. We had to use our makey makeys to make an onine piano. Here is the link:

The piano challenge was similar to the bongo challenge except a bit harder. As well as plugging in the left arrow and space bar banana we also had to plug in up arrow, down arrow, right arrow and click. The left arrow made the lowest noise and click made the highest noise. All of the noises sound like a piano.