What is electricity??????

Electricity is an energy that flows through things like computers, helping them work. Electricity is in lots of things here are some examples:

  •  digital clocks
  •  lights
  •  air conditioning
  •  fish tank filters
  •  fridges
  •  heaters
  •  microwaves
  •  laptops
  •  ipads
  •  phones
  •  oven
  •  anything that plugs into a power point

Makey Makeys

In design we have bean using Makey Makeys. A makey makey is a board you clip wires on to the board and clip the other end onto some thing like a banana, when you touch the banana it should work like a computer key.

If it does not work it is probably because of one of these reasons:

  • you are not holding the earth wire
  • the earth wire is not clipped to the makey makey board
  • the wire is not attached to the banana
  • the other end of the wire that is attad to the banana is not attached to the mackey makey board
  • the matirial you chose is not one of the working material. Here are some working materials:
  1. banana
  2. orange
  3. water
  4. coins
  5. capsicum
  6. lemon
  7. cutlery
  8. leafs
  9. foil
  10. play dough

Here are some materials that do not work:

  1. apple
  2. plastic
  3. card board
  4. paper
  5. china [plates and bowls not the contry!!!!!]
  6. glass
  7. wood
  8. fabric
  9. marshmellow
  10. hair

<–Banana key board!!!!!