The wind blew, the trees shook and Mr McKie delivered the bad news. It was too windy to fly the drones. So we got busy learning how to code and how to simulate flying a drone. Luckily the tutorials taught us everything we needed to successfully pass the simulation and coding stage. I really enjoyed […]

Lego Robotics

In the photos above, you will be able to see lots of different, confusing, interesting combinations of funny looking blocks. In Lego Robotics this term we have been focusing on the physical Touch sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, and the Colour sensor blocks. In the programming  section we were learning about the loop block. I liked Lego […]


Micro:bit is an amazing program with lots of activities anyone can learn how to do with the amazing tutorials this program provides.    Flashing Heart Flashing heart was the first Micro:bit programming tutorial I tried. I started with one heart but then made lots of different patterns. Love Metre Micro Chat Dice Smiley Buttons Name […]

Makey Makey- Piano and Bongos

Makey Makey In 5B this term we are working on Makey Makey. This week and the last we have done a Bongos and a Piano program. So far in Makey Makey we  have been learning about how to use our Makey Makey and what you can do with it.   Bongos The Bongos Makey Makey […]


Murchi My whole family on my mums side owns a shared family farm that was originally bought by my great, great grandparents, Elsie and  Edwin Muhlhan in the 1940’s.A very, very long time ago my Poppa was born in the Murchison hospital which was next to our farm when it was still standing. It Burnt […]

Scratch- Term 1

Ten Block Challenge  This was our first ever challenge, we were only allowed to use 10 blocks. It was tricky because we weren’t allowed to use any other blocks. Unfortunately my work was deleted so I don’t have a photo.   Debug it   In this image you will see a full code, the first time I […]


  In maths we were asked to look into Quadrilaterals.Quadrilaterals are shapes with four sides here is a list of some: Rectangle Square Diamond Parallelogram Dart Isosceles Trapazoid Kite Rhombus Trapezium Trapazoid Can you think of any more? Here are some of the Quadrilaterals in their shapes which I made on the Geoboard…