Royalty Free Music Clinic

This clinic was all about non-copyright music. We talked about what copyright was, what the process was to get copyright music from the producer, and a good website to download non-copyright music from. This is the website –

This video is all about me explaining some things I learnt in this clinic…

P.S. Maggie ( My gorgeous puppy-dog ) interrupts my film.

Shotlists and Storyboards Clinic

This clinic we learnt all about what shotlists and storyboards were, why we use them, and how you would use them. We made a shotlist on a made-up, unplanned film, just to see how you would do one. We didn’t get to finish them, but we got the idea really quickly. In this clinic we didn’t make a storyboard because they take a quite long time to make. Here is a video of me explaining some of the things I learnt in the Shotlists and Storyboards clinic.


Camcorders Clinic

This clinic was all about learning how to use a Camcorder and it’s equipment safely, and learning what all the buttons and dials do. We first had a fiddle around with a Tripod, which is a stand that is made for holding a Camcorder. We learnt how to put on a Camcorder to a Tripod, and then how to set it up. Here is a video of me explaining some of the most important things I learnt.


Presenting your piece to camera clinic

This clinic was all about learning some handy tips and tricks to make your films seem even more realistic and believable to your audience. In this video below was a tongue twister we memorised in around half an hour.

The next video will be me reading out some of the tips that I thought would really help me when presenting my piece to the camera…



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