I originally set out to make an edit of some time-lapse videos of me cooking, and then some photos of the finished product. I think I did achieve it, but not as long as I would have liked; Also I would have liked to improve on my editing, but again I just ran out of time. I am bringing in a cake for the class; that was my main goal.

Some challenges I faced was transferring the footage from my phone to my laptop, because I couldn’t email it. I solved this by a long process; I would message the photos to my dad’s phone, who would then email it to my laptop. Also when i started to get organised to make the cake, I realised that I had only one night and 2 mornings to make and decorate the cake. I also wasn’t really sure what size and how many cakes to make to give 20 or so people a slice.

I would have more time to add some better editing and cool effects. I could also have cooked more things and taken different photo and video shots. I think I could have been a bit braver with the things I chose to cook; I cooked things I had cooked before, instead of trying to cook new things.


I have achieved 3 or 4 different recipes, but I really need to cook more often if I want to get a good length video when I present. I have gotten 3 photos that I remember, and 1 time-lapse of me in the kitchen.

While trying to get my one cook a week goal I have experimented with recipes I would not usually cook; I like cooking sweet things because the taste testing along the way is AMAZING! But I have cooked 1 dinner so far and it was really nice to see the whole family eating and enjoying my creation. They also praised me and it felt nice to help out Mum.

Some challenges would definitely be getting my ingredients and things organised. I would just be hanging out at home and then realise that I should cook something, but then not have the time to get ingredients to make it. I found choosing a recipe to make also quite challenging. If it was a sweet snacky type thing I would have to add a healthy element into it, and if it was a dinner it would most likely require most of my day. Also just being busy on the weekend, and trying to find time in-between our Sunday bike ride, Liam’s footy, a catch-up with my friend and finishing of homework.

The next step for me would be to try and cook at least 1 thing a week, even if it is just cookies. I also need to get an email account on my phone so I can easily transfer footage across to my laptop.

The Lost Princess

The film we watched was about a few of the many different types of online harassment, bullying, and the ways it can negatively effect your life. There were 5 different people that encountered issues due to the internet and online world. We were told to chose 1, and analyse their problem further.

Kieran- Gaming Addiction

Kieran was another victim of the gaming world.  He was 13 when he started playing, and soon became heavily addicted. He was up playing late at night, after his parents went to bed. The next morning he would be late for school, still playing video games. Kieran went to school and fell asleep in his classes, and then he came home and jumped straight on to the gaming.

Kieran suffered in quite a few different negative ways. When he was in school, he was asleep and not learning anything. He would not shower ( wash himself ) and stink as a result of that. Kieran also didn’t brush his teeth, his breath would smell and later on he might have major dental issues. But his personal hygiene wasn’t the worst thing that happened to Kieran. When he was just 15 years old ( and still addicted to gaming ) he dropped out of school. His Dad tried to get rid of the T.V and game set, but Kieran got really angry and didn’t let him take it away.

The issue got resolved by Kieran realising that he had no friends and that he needed help. He talked to his Dad and his Dad helped Kieran go to a professional and quit extensive gaming. Kieran went back to school and made lot’s of friends and was much healthier.

I think Kieran’s Mum and Dad could have acted much sooner, taking away or limiting the use of the gaming control when Kieran was much younger. That could have changed the whole picture on how Kieran’s story played out. If taking away the games didn’t work, then they could have helped him realise sooner what bad effects gaming had on his life.

The main message that I took away from Kieran’s story was that anything in your life that you love doing that isn’t very healthy for you ( an occasional treat maybe ) could very easily turn into a unhealthy obsession. That issue could effect your life in many different negative ways. Like my TED Talk ” Everything in Moderation!”





For my second Passion Project of the year, I intend to create a film using a mix of time-lapse and photos to showcase my passion of cooking. I will try to cook something every week of Term 3, but may cook several things one week and none the other. The week that we are sharing our Passion Projects I will bake some cupcakes or a cake for the class and bring them/ it in.

I am planning to use my phone for most of the filming, and then transfer it onto my laptop. Last term I learnt a lesson not to leave the editing to the last two weeks… I did that and then Adobe Premiere played up and my film was rushed and not as good as I wanted it to be. This term I plan to transfer footage every three or four weeks, and edit as I go.

My audience is rather wide. It could be to show those people who don’t like cooking that it can be fun, healthy and delicious; or it be to show the baking fans out there some creative new recipes.

I am looking forward to eating my creations, and also trialling different editing techniques to make my film the best it can be.

( my picture isn’t loading )


I did achieve what I originally set out to do, which was to make a film of some of the places that my family and I go every Sunday fro a run / bike-ride. One of my biggest challenges towards the end was that the editing software that I was using ( Adobe Premiere Pro ) was being really slow and having technical problems. My main success was getting all the footage I needed from the places I went, because as most of them were 30 mins or over travel time away I couldn’t really go back to that place. I overcame my editing challenges by started again in Movie Maker ( a much simpler editing software ), and that worked perfectly but lost me a little bit of time because I was starting my movie again. If I could extend this project I could learn more by slowing down the time I spend taking the footage and take some more interesting angled shots.



Win At The Fair

To begin our Win At The Fair investigation we got the original game board, and trialled it 10 times each. Two die were rolled, and on the board certain numbers went left, right and straight depending on the total of your die added together. We recorded on the board the amounts that were won, and if we made profit. We discovered that with the highest prize being $5, and the entry fee being $1 that we did not make profit; instead of making money this game board backfired and lost us money.

The total amount we made was $104, but the total amount of prize money that was won was $152.60. So in total we had to pay out $48.60, and we didn’t make any money.

This is the original game board, but it had the prizes $5, $4, $3, $2, $1, 50c, and 20c in the outside hexagons.

The next stage of our Win At The Fair games were that we got the freedom to choose to put any prices anywhere, and we could change what die rolls go where. We could change the entry fee, and we could even put black holes in our board. I then trialled this board for 10 games and the result was that I profited money. The entry fee was still $1, but I made most of the prizes in the middle of the board. I think it was definitely enticing because there were prizes of $20 and even $40.

This is my board…

Our next challenge was to create another game board, but with more restrictions this time. We had to have the original setup with 13 hexagons with prize money surrounding the outside, but we could still change the entry fee and the direction of the number you roll. This board was to be our official Win At The Fair game board that we would test on Maths 300, a quick and easy way to see if your game would profit. The game would still have to be enticing, so I made a risky decision of putting two $100 prizes, two $55 prizes, and two $20 prizes as my enticement. I kept the $1 entry fee, but changed the numbers going to the left, right, and straight. 2 and 3 go to the left, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 going straight, and then 11, 12 going to the right. I put so many numbers going straight because then there is a lot more chance of winning the $2 and under prizes then getting lot’s of rolls to the left or right and winning the higher prizes.

This is my official game board… 

I tested this game board 4 times on maths 300 with one thousand games being played each time and these are the results…

Our profit goal to make from each of these games was $300 or more. In 2 of my 4 games played I achieved my goal by making $374.40 in one and $331.70 in the other. But in the other two I only made $2.80 in one and $175.60 in the other. This could be improved to make it consistently win $300 or more, but I was quite pleased with my results.



Digital Etiquette

N   E   T   I   Q   U   E   T   T   E   .   .   .

I think that Netiquette means that you should have manners online and on the internet. You should be respectful to everyone you come across while you are online, and treat them as you would face to face.

F   L   A   M   E       W   A   R   S   .   .   .

I think that Flame wars means that two or more people are having an online conversation and are being insulting or mean to each other. This might start with a misunderstood message because you don’t have the tone of your voice, your body language and facial expressions that you would in person.

T   R   O   L   L   S   .   .   .

I think that a troll is someone that posts or says mean, harmful things to purposefully cause trouble. A troll might be someone you know, but most likely it will be a stranger just wanting to disrupt the peace online. 

A   N   O   N   Y   M   O   U   S   .   .   .

I think anonymous means that it is secret, whether it is a person’s identity or an unknown item that you don’t know of. I usually think of it as a secret person.

C   O   M   M   U   N   I   C   A   T   I   N   G       C   L   E   A   R   L   Y   .   .   .

I think communicating clearly online should be exactly the same as it is in person; One person directs a message at another person, and the person receiving the message thinks about it and/or reacts to it in the way the person that sent it intended for them to. This can go wrong by using ALL CAPSLOCK which makes it seem like you’re yelling. Also by having too much p?unc!!!!tuat…..ion??!!! can make it hard to interpret what the person is saying. Spelling words wrong can effect wat u r tring 2 sa.

P   E   R   M   I   S   S   I   O   N   .   .   . 

I think permission means confirmation or an answer from the desired person. This may be a friend, your parents, or an adult. You will usually need this in case someone is unsure about what is safe for you, or too inappropriate for your age, or if you are unsure about whether someone would like you doing something including them.

O  N  C  E     Y  O  U  R      M  E  S  S  A  G  E      I  S      O  U  T  ,   I  T  ‘  S     O  U  T  .  .  .

I think that this saying means that once you click send, or post it is very unlikely that you will be able to take it back or delete it. Even if you can someone might have already seen it so you always have to THINK before you post or text.



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