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Passion Project

For my passion project I have decided to take photos of things that I’m interested in out on my farm using various media such as my phone and a drone.

I am interested to see how this turns out and I hope that the photos will capture my subjects eg, animals, plants, landscape etc.

I will present the photos in a bound book as well as a power point presentation using my drone for aerial shots and movie to show the area of the farm from the air.

We have only owned the farm  for 18 months and have bought a lot of animals and cleared a lot of volcanic rock from the area. We have just about finished the house renovation and have sheep about to lamb , chickens that we have raised from 5 days old and are about to start laying in the next couple of weeks. We have had guinea fowl from week old chicks. all of this I will capture through photos.

Birke Baehr

While Listening to Birke’s powerful talk I took away how much of the food we eat has something to do with chemicals. One of the phrases he said was “would you rather spend money on a farmer or a hospital”. which I thought was very powerful because of all the chemicals on foods and how sick we can get from eating them. I think the main message was to eat organic foods or buy straight from a farmer.

Too get these messages across the audience he would use jokes and make the audience laugh. Like the fish tomato joke which made the entire audience laugh and also get them focused and warmed up.

Birke’s technical support was talking loud and clear and also the projector showing farms, cows and fish tomatoes.. And he also had a thick accent and didn’t have a microphone but I could still understand him well.

Richard Turere


While listening to Richard talk about his ted talk, I discovered that young people can find ways to go around violence and that smaller things can turn into bigger things.


Richard had a projector showing a flashlight affect that he would use to keep the lions away from the livestock at night. Which gave the audience a better idea of what he was talking about. He also said a few jokes which made the audience keep paying attention. He also didn’t have a script so he would always show eye contact. There were a few graphic photos of what the lions had done to the livestock.


He Used a microphone and the projector showing images behind to give a himself a bit more support, He also used a remote for the projector on the screen when talking throughout an audience with at least 100+ people in the building.

Thomas Suarez






What are the main messages / ‘take-aways’ in Thomas’ TED Talk?

is that you can do anything at any age for example how he made two apps.

How did he get these messages across to his audience?

he used strong words and used a made the audience laugh so they hooked onto everything he said. He had eye contact through out the audience.

What technical support did he use?

he used a microphone to project his voice. And had notes on his iPad to remind him what to say if he got stuck at some point during the talk.

What presentation techniques did he use well?

When Thomas would speak his voice was very clear and confident which helps to talk throughout a big crowd. His eye contact to the audience was great and he had notes on his iPad that he only looked at once or twice during the 4 minute video.