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Passion Project Term 4 #description

Our task for passion project was a little bit different for this term. We were given the task of making something for a family member / friend. Given this brief I have decided to make something for my mum / dogs, my Mum and I were sorting the dogs leads and collars and didn’t really know where to put them so it sparked the Idea for me to make a dog lead / collar holder.

I will be making a timelapse and taking some photos of the process, I am planning to use wood and some cut some of the wood into a dog shape. I will put their names on each side of the collar holder so I don’t mix up their leads or collars. I will use the same editing software for my film again which is called wondershare filmora,

I enjoy using this soft ware because it is easy to use, I will also take photos or video on my iPhone.

Passion Project #3 reflection post.

Making this passion project was fantastic. I learnt how to use a new program to edit my project which turned out to work really well. The name of the program is Filmora. I used it because I am familiar with it and have used it before for other edits and projects. It has lots of effects and different transitions for each slide which enhances the film. I really enjoyed making my video. It changed a lot from my original idea but I am really happy how it worked out.

I used effects like fisheye roll and also colour dissolve which dissolves the video/image into the next slide. I also used a drone for aerial shots to use in the credits finishing the film.

RVE country number #1

In this session of RVE we were told to put our first country we did at the start of the term into a comparison to Australia. here is the differences and similarities between these two countries.


table tennis is one of the most popular sports in japan.

japans population has almost 100 million more than Australia.

in japan people commonly bow to other Japanese people but handshake with people from different countries.

Japanese people find it impolite to eat in public if an adult.

Japanese people commonly sleep on roll out mats.

They eat completely different foods. (food that I love )

sumo wrestling is the most common sports.

A majority of Australians are Christians but only 2% of Japanese are.

Things I would find difficult to live in japan.

I would have to learn Japanese, because a majority of japan speak Japanese and not English.

getting used to the city all the time.


we both have our own countries celebrations (Chinese new year) (Australia day).

both eat seafood.

I could easily live in japan after a while of learning Japanese.

Building views

The activity was to look at a birds eye view of an amount of blocks and try to a figure out what the building looked on the left, right, back and front. The second task was the complete opposite and you had to draw the birds eye view from looking at the sides on maths 300. to find the max and minimum on sheet 2 I would start off by finding the max and then chip blocks away to find the minimum. and for 15 challenge I placed all the blocks on the grid and then chipped them off to get to fifteen. I found getting used to maths 300 at the beginning hard because you had the x ray visions which helped but took a few minutes to get used to. And switching between the views, like the birds eye view and the normal side view. I learnt how to see different perspectives and how to limit the amount of blocks for the max and minimum.

passion project #2 #update

I have collected my drone footage so all I need to do now use my go pro to get some clips from the perspective of the driver and once I have done that I will then edit my film together and I’m considering also putting more than just driving around and drone shots acting as a birds eye view of the buggy. I think I will add some features like slo mo and time lapse into the film as well to make it that bit more interesting.

Passion Project term 3 #1

Passion Project term 3 #1

For my second passion project I will be doing a continuation of my farm photos but this time I’m going to make a safety video in vehicles on my farm but I will show my perspective from the driver seat using a go pro and my drone showing a birds eye view. I will be using either vid lab, iMovie or adobe premiere to edit. I will still add photos but mostly videos. this could possibly change throughout my passion project experience. I will use either my phone or my brothers camera. I cannot wait to see how this goes!

Passion Project #3

Finally I have finished my passion project thanks to one day that was not windy so I could get landscape shots with my drone! My passion project changed due to a malfunction so I had to rethink a lot of it.

in the end I turned out to make a slideshow/ film of what we do out on the farm and showed photos of all different wildlife.

I struggled a bit because a lot of the days I was planning on filming and taking photos were raining and windy so that was a challenge

I am really happy how it turned out and I have really enjoyed the passion project.

(no photo due to edublogs error problem for some reason.)


In the first lesson of win at the fair we played 117 games, spending $117 dollars and had a total loss of $96.40. each turn was $1 and a majority of the people got one dollar back from the losing board.

tally of the losing boardthe losing board

And then Mr Henderson gave us the challenge where we would make a creative game board and play a thousand games.

here is my made up game board that was kind of messy with black holes, teleportation, half price X and lightning strike symbols that restarted the game.

and then we had to make an enticing normal game board. Using Maths 300.

this is the tally of our most successful board giving us $440.30 profit. alex and I made it so that we swapped all of the ones around from the losing so that the 1 dollar which was the most common $0.05. we made sure the board was enticing by putting all the more expensive ones closer to the start point.

Passion Project #2

I have started to take videos on my drone. and photos of wildlife on the farm. I have made a tripod out of wood and also got a few of my mates to help me take some photos.

I have also learnt that drones don’t like trees… and that lower ground shots on the drone going fast looks like and action movie video. its easier to mark spots on farm land using a Polaris for where your going to fly.