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The Lost Princess

The lost princess is about cyber bullying and fake online ID. It shows how people can react and how quickly something that could be a joke can escalate in to getting to police to your front door. They also show how a adult could be pretending to be a child on the internet or social media to trap kids into thinking their children.

The problem that lost princess encountered was that when she went to a kids concert she was expecting to meet a 13 year old boy but turned out to be an adult acting as a 13 year old boy

The negative effect on their lives is that the peopleĀ  were depressed and sad because they let their password out and then it spread so people would be able to log in to their account. Or someone got their personal details and then acted as someone else to get to them and meet them in real life

to limit their time on technology so they weren’t as addicted. to ask their parents about what they were saying on their messages to people they have never met.

What is the biggest message that YOU take away from their story?

to only trust the people you know and have met before and not to go online and make friends with someone that is 12 years old on the computer but could be 57 years old in reality.

Digital Etiquette

What is a Netiquette?

A netiquette is treating people the way you would like to be treated.

What is Flame Wars?

Flame wars are people sending mean comments back and forth insulting each other.

What are trolls?

Trolls are people that try starting flame wars and enjoy people feeling bad.

What does anonymous?

An anonymous isĀ  someone that doesn’t show their Identity to the internet so people don’t got their information.

What does communicating clearly mean?

Using emojis to show how you are feeling.

Don’t use CAPITAL letters unless you are angry or yelling a someone.

read over what you typed because you could hurt someone if you don’t.


Permission is one of the most important things before you post. because they might not want you to post it.

What does tim mean when he says the message is out?

He means that when you post something people could of already seen it before you delete it so make sure that you don’t post the wrong thing.

THINK Online

today we started learning about DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP which is about learning respect, courtesy and kindness on devices we use in our everyday lives. Then the teachers showed us a image of a “acronym” of the word THINK. T= true. if its not true there is no reason to message or post on social media. H= helpful. is it going to help or support someone or is it going to hurt them. I= inspiring. does it inspire someone to do something or is it uninspiring and is not helpful. N= necessary. is it necessary? if not don’t POST it as it can sometimes hurt people in the way you send it without you even knowing. K= kind. if its kind well done because you could be cheering someone.