Passion Project Term 4 #description

Our task for passion project was a little bit different for this term. We were given the task of making something for a family member / friend. Given this brief I have decided to make something for my mum / dogs, my Mum and I were sorting the dogs leads and collars and didn’t really know where to put them so it sparked the Idea for me to make a dog lead / collar holder.

I will be making a timelapse and taking some photos of the process, I am planning to use wood and some cut some of the wood into a dog shape. I will put their names on each side of the collar holder so I don’t mix up their leads or collars. I will use the same editing software for my film again which is called wondershare filmora,

I enjoy using this soft ware because it is easy to use, I will also take photos or video on my iPhone.

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