RVE country number #1

In this session of RVE we were told to put our first country we did at the start of the term into a comparison to Australia. here is the differences and similarities between these two countries.


table tennis is one of the most popular sports in japan.

japans population has almost 100 million more than Australia.

in japan people commonly bow to other Japanese people but handshake with people from different countries.

Japanese people find it impolite to eat in public if an adult.

Japanese people commonly sleep on roll out mats.

They eat completely different foods. (food that I love )

sumo wrestling is the most common sports.

A majority of Australians are Christians but only 2% of Japanese are.

Things I would find difficult to live in japan.

I would have to learn Japanese, because a majority of japan speak Japanese and not English.

getting used to the city all the time.


we both have our own countries celebrations (Chinese new year) (Australia day).

both eat seafood.

I could easily live in japan after a while of learning Japanese.

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